PeruCoin is a project made by Bits2u, which designed to develop knowledge about crypto currencies in the country especially in Peru.

PeruCoin wants to achieve the following:

  • To distribute knowledge about crypto currencies, especially in Peru.
  • To persuade the public to invest in crypto currencies.
  • To establish Peru biggest mining farms
  • To educate people in Peru about how mining machines work

Not all country knows about the use of crypto currencies, not because we are this digital world people are all engaged in technology, but we need to catch up in order for us to survive in this world. The emergence of blockchain technology has been vital that changes the way we transact and interact. It helps million of people on how to manage money well. The development of crypto currencies makes remarkable when it comes to financial ecosystem. That is the reason why Bits2u developers, PeruCoin to manifest and show to the people of Peru why they need to adapt crypto currencies.

Being able to introduce cryptocurrencies to the people of Peru is not that easy, some people should know that being able to know and be part of the growing community using this cryptocurrencies should know that they need to sign up and fund a crypto-wallet with your credit card. Like others, there will be terms and conditions that you should know.

There are two ways to participate in cryptocurrencies:

  1. To buy it.
  2. To sell it.

In these two ways, participants’ value of currency involved is increasing.

How people of Peru will know about cryptocurrencies:

  • Giving flyers, handouts, pamphlets about cryptocurrencies.

You can give flyers, handouts, pamphlets about cryptocurrencies in Peru so that people become aware about this. These handouts will contain information and details about cryptocurrencies.


  • Lectures and seminar in schools and universities about cryptocurrencies.


Sharing knowledge about cryptocurrencies in schools and universities is one way to introduce cryptocurrencies. You can talk to the principal or the president of the universities that you want to organize a seminar about cryptocurrencies, you have also can introduce everything about cryptocurrencies the president and what are the benefits of this to people.


  • Show mining equipments


One way to understand about this is to show them about mining, show mining equipments and how to use it, you can show operation and tell the function of a mining farm.


  • Creating a mining farm and guide them with trainings


You have to plan a series of tours and trainings within the farm once the required infrastructure are is in place.

For you to succeed in promoting awareness about cryptocurrencies you have to make sure that the people are interested about cryptocurrencies, show them how important it is and show them how this will help them to achieve something more in return.


This project is assisted by a team with highly dedicated and professionals that are experienced in the area of work.



System Engineer

(CEO Bits2u-PeruCoin)



Certified Public Accountant,

(Financial Manager Bits2u-PeruCoin)



Security Consultant

(Co- founder Bits2u-PeruCoin IT)






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