PeerAtlas To Be A Blockchain Based Encyclopedia For Medicine

PeerAtlas proposes an ecosystem whereby medical resources would be created and made accessible by validating data and updated information through the works of a community of trained and paid professionals. As the medical community is in need of updated information and knowledge base that are often controlled by subscription services and financial relationships with manufacturers of medical equipment or drug companies, PeerAtlas aims to remove such dependencies when it comes to making information available to the medical community.


How it would work?

The above mission and objective of the company would work in the following ways:

  • The platform would be based on the blockchain technology and would have a digital token called Atlas that would be an NEP5 asset working on the NEO blockchain.
  • Atlas would be used to donate to creators of articles and contributors of authentic data on the system.
  • Those who use the platform as a base for continuing medical education would be able to redeem their credits with Atlas tokens and be recognized by medical boards for it.
  • Neo which is used to create this platform is a nonprofit blockchain ecosystem.
  • This blockchain platform would comply with standards set by governments and enterprises and would showcase regulatory compliance norms.
  • The platform would also be a precursor to developing the Atlas Health Network, which would act as an angel funding platform for new projects in medicine where transactions would be facilitated with the Atlas token.
  • The users would be encouraged to donate to the system in order to keep up the information database system being formed, validated and stored.
  • The community would be an independent source of information which would not be dependent on subscription or advertising sources.

Hence, the framework would be different from the other smart contract enabled system as it would not require tokens to be used for transaction purposes but mainly to reward those who contribute to the platform.

Team working behind PeerAtlas

peeratlas founders
peeratlas founders

The company has been founded by Ling Wu, Brad Mattson and Colin Closser who have a medical background and expertise. This platform is being designed along the lines of a digital or web based encyclopedia such as Wikipedia. The code to create this platform was started in the year 2011. The trio united to form this platform as a way of bringing medical information and making it more accessible to those who need it. Others who are working the core team are Tarek Siddiki in the capacity of security advisor, Arjun Patel as a designer, Vivek Mittal as advisor, Joe Garcia as CTO and several others.

Lucrative aspects of the project

There is much potential in the platform being proposed as the continuing education for medicine is an evolving business in the digital framework. With the blockchain based ecosystem medical, educational resources would be validated and ensured to be authentic and updated. This would lead to large scale demand for such resources and the platform is being built to support the increasing demand for the same. This would also lead to increase in value of the Atlas token.

The Atlas Health Network would lead to an angel funding platform for new projects which would also be facilitated by the Atlas token of the system. With CME portals making millions every year, this platform would offer a lucrative venture for investing in a project that would attract a large user base once it is operational and has potential to foster associated services in the medical world.

CME in numbers

CME(Continuing Medical Education Market) is a billion dollar industry. CME Revenue in 2014 was $2.65Bn. Approximately 14M physicians go through the CME process every year and approximately 11M non-physicians take CME activities as well. Some predictions speculate about $40B market share by 2024.


total cme revenie
total cme revenue shows bullish trend

You can see detaild breakout of CME trends on policymed website here






Token Details -


SOFT CAP - 5,000,000 USD

HARD CAP - 15,000,000 USD

TOTAL SUPPLY - 100,000,000 ATLAS