Monday, May 21, 2018
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Delicia Proposes A Decentralized Surplus Food Distribution Network

Delicia proposes a solution for reducing food shortage and making optimal utilization of food resources that would help reduce food wastage. This solution is...

Elysian Features The First Blockchain Based eCommerce Platform

Elysian is a futuristic platform that plans to integrate the international cryptocurrency market with the eCommerce sector. eCommerce industry is a rapidly growing sector that experiences...

Optimize Your Returns On The Crypto-Assets And ICO Investments With Cryptics

Over the past one year, the cryptocurrency economy has expanded in terms of volume and value. The circulation and exchange of cryptocurrency are a...
hai project

HAI Project To Offer AI Access To Different Businesses

HAI Project proposes a platform whereby businesses that are start ups and have limited funds can use the platform and its AI technology to...

NWP Solution For Healthcare Services And Smart Health Monitoring Systems

NWP Solution proposes a platform where databases and smart devices can be integrated into a single network.  This, in turn, will help to provide Healthcare...
koios AI,ico review

Koios AI platform

With the advent of technology, more and more innovations are being made to optimize human activities. These innovations opened gateways to minimizing human-generated errors. One...

Dropil: Playing with Bots and Algorithm in Investment Trading

With the motto of simplifying cryptocurrency trading, Dropil has emerged as a firm that promises to rescue inexperienced investors from the jeopardy of various...
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