BitBose Offers Versatile Crypto Asset Based Investment Opportunities

BitBose is formed as a blockchain based bank solution which brings in, different investment opportunities and other functions that are made secure and immutable on the blockchain technology. Bose token is the smart contract based token of this platform that aids all transactions and low fees are charged for the different services available on this framework. Those who wish to find a versatile digital bank that aids in investment and other ways of growing crypto currency funds will surely benefit by signing up as a user of this framework.

Features of BitBose

This platform has several features and services to offer such as:

  • Different kinds of banking or investment services are made available on this platform such as crypto loans, mining rewards and portfolio funds.
  • The investment solutions on this platform helps maintain high liquidity and allow exchanging of crypto and fiat currencies.
  • There is a hybrid and an intelligent trading exchange as well as payment solutions that are several for the convenience of investing in the platform.
  • There is a support team of financial advisors, blockchain experts, developers and traders who can aid users when they seek support and assistance with different services.
  • The platform is designed with all necessary compliance standards in place, such as requirements of KYC and AML.
  • Investment opportunities for this platform are several such as holding crypto assets of different kinds, crypto loans, exchange, trading platforms, getting cash as personal or business loans against crypto assets.
  • Not only are online payment gateways available, merchants can avail of the POS crypto integrated terminal solution that this platform offers.
  • It is an eCommerce marketplace where Bose token awards are also reaped by the mining program.
  • Portfolio funds and investment solutions can be taken up by fund managers as well as individual investors.

Team of BitBose

The team of BitBose comprises of professionals from different related fields and with varying expertise and skills.

Lalit Bansal is an advisor for the platform, also being a global sales head at Revinfotech. He has sound knowledge about the financial markets as well as the crypto currency world.

Naviin Kapoor is also advisor of the platform, being an ICO and blockchain consultant. He has more than a decade’s experience in business analysis and project management and had worked with technologies like hyper ledger, bitcoin, ethereum, CSM, EOS, PMP and other similar technologies.

Krystelle Galano, as an advisor to the firm, is a social media expert. She also has expertise in crypto verse and in promoting ICO events.

Sydney Ifergan, also an advisor, holds a computer science degree and has worked in commercials for about two decades. He has work experience in online marketing and has worked as CMO for an FX brokerage firm.

Roadmap of BitBose

This project was envisioned in the first quarter of 2018 when the platform idea generation, white paper and token creation was done. Token website launch as well as pre ICO launch also took place in the second quarter of 2018. In the third quarter of 2018 token listing and distribution as well as exchange development will take place. The Alpha version of the platform would be launched by the fourth quarter of 2018.

Token Name: BOSE


Type of Offer: Token Sale

Total Tokens: 300,000,000

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, FIAT

ERC20 token: YES

Soft Cap: $5 Million

Hard Cap: $45 Million


Partition                                            Tokens

Public Sale                               210,000,000 BOSE

Founders                                  48,000,000 BOSE

Bounty                                    6,000,000 BOSE

Advisors/Marketing                     36,000,000 BOSE