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How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card online?

Purchasing of bitcoins using debit or credit cards can get confusing. This article will explain to you how to get it done faster and the easy way. We have also listed out some of the best exchanges to make it easier for you.


The process of buying bitcoins can be easier if you do it from companies such as CoinMama and Coinbase. Before you make the purchase, you will also be required to have a wallet.We recommend the ledger nano s. However, be careful with the exchanges you choose as there are a number of fake ones out there that are simply trying to extract your card information.

The Exchanges

Here are some of the exchanges that are worth selecting

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest bitcoin brokers in the world. You can make weekly purchases of up to $150 using your credit or debit card. Coinbase is available in Canada, Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. The exchange charges a fee of 3.99%. This is the lowest among other exchanges in the US and Europe. In order to buy bitcoins from Coinbase, you will first be required to create an account and then have it connected to your credit card. This is followed by a verification step. You can then start making your bitcoin purchases.

The good thing about Coinbase is that it is very easy to use, has high buying limit and liquidity. The exchange also has an “Instant Buy” option. However, each of the transactions can extend up to a period of 5 days. Furthermore, your spending may also be tracked.

  1. Coinmama

Coinmama is another one of the popular brokers for purchasing bitcoins. The purchase can be made with the help of credit or debit card. You will have to pay a fee of 6%. The exchange allows you to buy bitcoins worth up to $5,000 per day or $20,000 per month which is quite high when compared to other exchanges. After a purchase is made, you will receive your bitcoins as soon as your account has been verified. Coinmama is highly reliable. However, it is only available in the United States and also charges high fees.

  1. BitPanda

BitPanda operates from Austria and charges a fee of only 3 to 4 %. The purchases can be made through debit or credit cards. This one too is a reliable broker with low fees. However, it is only available to those living in Europe.

  1. is one of the earliest exchanges for Bitcoin. It operates within the Europe, United States as well as a few countries in South America. The exchange has a good support system with a very low trading fee of 0.2 %. However, they have a very extensive verification process which can take up to 30 minutes to get completed. Also, their markets do not have a very high liquidity.

How to buy bitcoins in less than 5 minutes

  1. CoinBase


Ø  Create an account and provide the required details

Ø  Log into your account

Ø  Go to the account setting and click on “payment methods”

Ø  Click on “add payment method” and select “credit/debit card” as your option

Ø  Enter your card information

Ø  Wait till the confirmation

Ø  You can now start buying bitcoins instantly

  1. CoinMama


Ø  Create an account on CoinMama

Ø  Log into your account

Ø  Click on “Buy Bitcoins”

Ø  Select an amount

Ø  Select “credit/debit card” as your payment option

Ø  Enter the details of your bitcoin wallet

Ø  Give your billing and address information

Ø  Provide your card information

Ø  Have your email and phone number verified

Ø  Upload a selfie for ID verification

Ø  When the process has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email. The bitcoins are transferred 20 to 30 minutes after this.


  1. BitPanda


Ø  Open an account in BitPanda and have your email verified

Ø  Log into your account

Ø  Click on “buy”

Ø  Click on “Visa/Mastercard” as your payment option

Ø  Enter and confirm the amount you want to buy. Verification can be done through a phone call as well as an SMS

Ø  Click on the option that reads “click here to start the payment process”

Ø  Enter your credit details

Ø  You can now start withdrawing the bitcoins to your wallet.

Frequently asked questions

Is it risky to buy bitcoins with a credit card?

If the company you are buying from is a reputed one and well regulated, then it is entirely safe. To avoid disappointments, learn about the company policies in advance.

Is there any specific advantage to using credit/debit card for purchases?

The process is much more convenient for the technical buyers as compared to other methods. Also, it is also very easy and fast.

What are the downsides of using credit/debit cards?

You will be required to pay higher fees. Also, you will not be able to purchase very large amounts at a go.

Is it possible to make purchases with a stolen card?

You will not be able to pass the ID verification. So purchases cannot be made. The same applies to when you are trying to purchase anonymously.

Can I buy from multiple exchanges?

Yes, you can.

Why was using credit/debit cards considered difficult earlier?

It was considered difficult or rather inconvenient due to the delay in the payments and also because the transactions are irreversible.

Is it risky to give up the ID?

This depends on how trustworthy the exchange is. If the company is constantly under attack, it is better to stay away from it.

Can I leave my bitcoins on the exchange after buying?

It would be much safer to store it in your own wallet.

Can I sell bitcoins to the exchanges?

You can only sell your bitcoins to

Is there are any chance for the fees to get lower?

The chances are low. However, they may reduce if the exchanges are able to make reasonable deals with credit card companies.

Can I use the above methods for buying other cryptocurrencies?

 This is decided by the exchange you are using. Otherwise, you can buy bitcoins and have them converted into their cryptocurrencies.

Why is it necessary to have bitcoins in order to purchase other cryptocurrencies?

This is because bitcoins have a very good liquidity.

 Exchange Comparison

Company             Fees                    Available in

Coinbase               3.75%            USA, Canada, and Europe

CoinMama            6%                 Global

Bitpanda               5%                 Europe                   3.5%              Global

Thefts, scams, and storage

There have been plenty of examples of bitcoin thefts and scams. To make sure that you do not fall victim to these, make sure that you withdraw your amount soon after the purchase and store it in your own wallet. Also, make sure that you do a proper research on the exchange before you make any purchase with them.