Brave Browser

When one thinks of web browsers, one generally thinks of Chrome, Firefox, and the notorious Internet Explorer. These browsers are iconic, but there are certain browsers that are under the radar due to lack of awareness even though they provide a lot of benefits. Brave is one such browser. This browser comes from the same people that brought you Firefox, so you know that you can rely on a lot of the same features and plug-ins. However, this browser also comes with another unique benefit, which is that it comes with a built-in ad blocker.

One of the main features that attract people to Brave is the built-in ad blocker. It should be noted that Brave’s ad blocker is highly advanced, offering streamlined ad blocking as opposed to the blanket strategy used by ad block widgets and apps. The way this ad blocker works is that it replaces the ads companies show you with lighter ads that load faster, thus contributing greatly to shorter loading times for the sites you are visiting. However, the browser understands that ad revenue is essential to the survival of some sites, so it offers you the option of scheduling monthly payments to sites and creators you like. This is a concept first implemented by the crowdfunding platform Patreon, and it is used to great effect here.

Brave utilizes BAT token advertising, which is a form of advertising that uses the Ethereum blockchain to optimize the ads that you end up seeing. BAT stands for Basic Attention Token, and it is a reward that Brave awards advertisers. Hence, only advertisers with a lot of BATs that show ads that genuinely engage the audience will be allowed to publish their ads on the browser’s specialized platform.


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