Code of Talent Brings Educational Resources On Blockchain

Code of talent has been formed to power micro learning based on Blockchain technology. It is designed to provide the reach of educational resources to people; faculty members and even students can earn as they learn or contribute to the platform. There are several unique features incorporated in the functionalities of this framework to make education more accessible, affordable and even rewarding to the community members.

The micro learning concept is employed to create virtual classrooms for students on this platform. It allows people to join from different parts of the world as well as contribute or learn as per their subjects of interest. It brings in educators, employers, premium content providers and sponsors to help build a sustainable learning environment based on the token economy.

Features of Code of Talent

This micro learning platform based on Blockchain technology showcases the following features:

  • It is designed to help spark the motivation to learn as well as showcase a sense of achievement with aspects like earning while learning, short sessions of 10 min duration, direct interaction with teachers and in small groups that can have up to 40 participants.
  • Education system followed on the platform allows knowledge to be assimilated efficiently and accelerates learning to follow up sessions held by teachers.
  • The courses that are showcased on the platform are easy to follow and are based on micro learning with interaction and gamification techniques that help assimilate learning better; learning sessions are designed to be 10 minutes of duration and interactive elements are videos and direct sessions with educators.
  • The platform helps incentivize learners and educators as per their merit; they can create achievement records by the number of sessions they hold and interaction sessions they have.
  • Tokens of the system are provided as rewards for different activities; these can also be earned by participating in daily learning sessions of 10 min as well as by being a faculty or educator as well as a promoter or sponsor of brands and educational institutes and courses on the platform.
  • Real time participation level of participants can be tracked on this platform as well as history of achievements or learning; it also acts as a SaaS solution for educators who wish to promote digital learning courses.

The project has been built on the model of Ascendi which is a proven learning and development platform. With a peer to peer network when it comes to sharing or exchange of educational resources or making educational materials available to learners, this platform has been developed by Co factor and Ascendis who are joint shareholders of this initiative.

Team behind Code of Talent

Bogdan Ciubotaru is co founder and CEO of Code of Talent; he has over 18 years of experience, having worked in diverse roles such as in telecom, market research, education and IT or software. He has managed entrepreneurial ventures as well as working in multinational companies.

Vlad Grigoriu is chief strategy officer and co founder of this initiative. He is a visionary entrepreneur, having worked for 20 years in consulting, entrepreneurial and executive roles. He has worked in different industry segments such as human capital, innovation, communication and strategy. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Marius Opris is a chief learning alchemist and co founder of the platform; he is also a founding partner of Ascendis. He is known to have had an entrepreneurial role for other ventures and acted as a consultant and trainer for 14 years.

Others in the organization are Adela Gregory, who is business development director while Adrian Ichim is CMO of Code of Talent. There are several others who work in different capacities for this platform.

Should you invest in Code of Talent?

This is a new way forward for the digital education forum where learning resources can be made easily available, affordable and even rewarding. Those who are deprived of learning resources or have less time to take up courses will find this platform convenient to use. It also acts as a SaaS solution for educators who provide their courses as well as promote the same to educators and learners in the community. There are several opportunities to learn as well as be motivated by rewards on this smart contract system.

CODE CoT tokens

  • CODE TOKEN Value: 0.10 USD
  • Total number of tokens: 509,090,909 CODE
  • Number of tokens for sale: 280,000,000 CODE
  • Soft Cap: 6,000,000 USD
  • Goal/Hard Cap: 28,000,000 USD


  • 26% PLATFORM
  • 12% TEAM
  • 55% TOKEN SALE






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