Developeo To Offer Open Source Software Educational Programs And Work Opportunities

Developeo would act as a marketplace that would have job opportunities for software engineers to work on projects on an open source development platform. The marketplace would offer boot camp training programs for developers as well as act as a portal whereby talents in this segment can be found in related software development projects. This platform would have certain distinct features such as offering members opportunities to pick the projects they wish to work upon.

Features of Developeo

This platform would offer the following features:

  • It would act as a tech development platform where educational resources and training programs would be available for projects and applications developed on the open source software platform.
  • Those who register on this community would gain access to a different project and employment opportunities. They can choose to work on projects they find lucrative and be compensated for the same.
  • The platform would have corporations as well as SMEs looking for developers to work on different projects.
  • There would be boot camp programs whereby software professionals can register in order to upgrade or enhance their skill set before taking up a certain project assignment.
  • Developeo certified programs would be available for developers who can avail of the same to remain updated on the skills and knowhow related to open source software development.
  • Developeo would have educational resources and programs sponsored and created by renowned professionals and faculty members from different educational institutions.
  • The certified programs would not only hold value on the platform, but also enhance the skills for professionals.
  • It would facilitate educational resources and talent pool availability on a block chain based framework.
  • This virtual university would not only act as an educational platform, but also promote transactions such as offering projects and employment opportunities. All such transactions would be facilitated by the ERC20 token DEVX.

Team behind Developeo

This platform is being developed and worked upon by a team of advisors. Ryan Rutan acts as founding partner for the platform who has considerable expertise in creating other startups. He is aided by Dave Sifry, who acts as a tech advisor with expertise in engineering and product development and several others with expertise in differing domains.

developeo advisors
developeo advisors

Potential of the venture

This platform offers several lucrative prospects. As open source software development platform is the preferred way forward for developing different web based and mobile applications, this digital and block chain based university would be much sought after. Software professionals would have the ease of accessing educational resources and certificate programs on this system. As continuing education is a large scale requirement in the software development field, there would be much demand as long as authentic and recognized certified programs are made available.

If the platform is able to tie up with different institutions and provide a large base of training opportunities, it would also be a lucrative base whereby new projects would be introduced; resources can be gained from the same and would offer employment opportunities for many. Hence, it would be a lucrative block chain based venture to invest in.


Token Details


The token sale is planned as follows:

480,000,000 DEVX for Private Presale – Public Presale – Public ICO

120,000,000 DEVX for Developeo

  • 120M Token Breakdown
  • 20 Million Tokens Founders
  • 60 Million Tokens Rewards + Reserve
  • 20 Million Tokens = extra layoff protection against market speculation (i.e. pump & dump)
  • 15 Million Tokens = Bounty
  • 5 Million Tokens = Team

Hard cap = 480,000,000 DEVX TOKENS