BitSchool To Offer Block Chain Based Educational Platform

BitSchool is a blockchain based platform, proposed that would empower teachers, tutors, and students. It aims to bring a unique approach that would change the world of digital learning. BitSchool would have unique features such as tracking learning behavior of the students, even the clicks or the mouse movements they exhibit. It would help teachers gain insight into how their students are learning. They would provide a personalized and adaptive path towards learning that would help students of varying capacity to learn to master their different subjects and curriculum in their own way.

Features of BitSchool

This educational and interactive platform would enable students and teachers to enjoy several beneficial features such as:

Every question would be customized by the system as per learning capacity of students.
Feedback is provided instantly and in a personalized way for the students.
Learners can request for assistance from tutors who can provide quick and spontaneous support as well as feedback.
There would be videos hosted on the platform that would be appropriate for the students and designed as per their learning needs.
Gaps in knowledge would be identified and topics would be offered as per required assessment.
Learning is made independent and revolutionized; it would empower students to stay self-motivated.
Teachers can design assessments on the platform, form complex or short essays, provide feedback to the students to indicate their progress.
The platform would have on demand assessment and evaluation, which teachers would be able to control.
Teachers can track the strengths and weaknesses of students and facilitate targeted and timely interventions.
The platform would have adaptive AI technology that would enable students to face questions as per their level of comprehension and remain motivated. There would be a commission for teachers to upload lesion activities and customize timings for submission of assignments. The platform would have transactions facilitated by BSCH smart token which would be used to reward those who contribute learning resources on the platform, promote BitSchool as well as take up tuitions or those who become eligible for scholarship programs on the platform.

Team behind BitSchool

The team working on the project comprises of teachers, students, tutors as well as software developers, blockchain experts, and others. The team brings varied and relevant domain expertise to the platform in helping to build a versatile, intuitive and interactive learning platform for students of different streams and levels.

Potential of this platform

BitSchool promises much in the area of eLearning and as an online educational platform. This is a digital venture that is much awaited. Many platforms offer eLearning sources and interactive learning classrooms and resources that are often not funded adequately and cannot provide all-digital solutions that can be offered in the area of online learning and tutorial services. With a smart contract and blockchain enabled technology this platform would ensure rewards for contributors and validate data and educational resources that are updated in the system. It would also offer AI empowered lessons and assessment tools that would be unique to this platform.

Token Sale Plan

TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 400,000,000 Tokens.
MAX CAP (Max Public Funding Target): 300,000,000 Tokens.
MIN CAP (Min Public Funding Target): 4,000,000 Tokens.
TOKEN NAME: BitSchool Token (BSCH).
Token Distribution

GoGreenFund: 5%

Founder: 6%

Team: 8%

Advisors: 3%

Reserve: 2%

Bounty: 1%

Public Fund: 75%


Token supply:

Tier 1 - 4,000,000 Tokens (1% of total supply)
Tier 2 – 140,000,000
Tokens (35% of total supply)
Presale bonus: 35% of Token purchase amount.

Presale schedule: 19 Mar, 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ 16 Apr, 2018 09:00 (GMT).


Token supply: 160,000,000 Tokens

Crowdsale bonus plan:

1st week (5/14 09:00 GMT ~ 5/21 09:00 GMT) 15% of Token purchase amount.
2nd week (5/21 09:00 GMT ~ 5/28 09:00 GMT) 10% of Token purchase amount.
3rd week (5/28 09:00 GMT ~ 6/4 09:00 GMT) 5% of Token purchase amount.
4th week (6/4 09:00 GMT ~ 6/11 09:00 GMT) 5% of Token Purchase amount.
Crowdsale schedule: 14 May 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ 11 Jun. 2018 09:00 (GMT).
MAX CAP: 300,000,000 Tokens.

1ETH = 6,000 Tokens.

MIN CAP: 4,000,000 Tokens.