Family Points

Let’s get familiarized first

What is Family Points about? How will it change our lives if we get associated with it? What is their objective and mission? All of these questions and much more will be answered for you to decide what is best for you and your family’s future.

Launched in 2015, Family Points was introduced to the public with a single goal in mind. It allows the creation of an extensible, block-chain based platform that is well for your child’s needs. By getting a chance to avail a 40% discount on the purchase of maternity items and clothes for your newborn, you will have the chance to spend the points you get on creating a better future for your child in terms of education, health, and other essentials.

In three years, Family Points has become so popular that presently, it has 1.5 million people subscribed to it. You will find more than 14,000 products for your baby at online.

The makers of Family Points have observed that modern families are spending excessive amounts of cash to be able to meet the needs of their children. According to the figures shared by Family Points, 60% of the selling price of an item for a child has a direct connection with the marketing and advertising costs. This means that Family Points believes that by choosing to remove the middleman from the process of selling, customers can be offered lower rates. No matter what it is that you want for your child, you will be in direct contact with the seller offering a vast variety of products e.g. diapers, toys, clothes etc at affordable rates.

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Why do we need Family Points today?

There is always a high chance of this question arising in your mind. You are likely to feel a little hesitant towards purchasing something online for your child. The worst part is that the internet is filled with online offers which are secretly robbing you of your wealth. There is a very high chance for you to become a victim to fake reviews posted for the sake of attracting customers. Advertising is meant for the true portrayal of what benefits the products or offer can give to you or your family. However, most of the times, these advertisements end up making parents and families pay huge sums of money and not getting what they have paid for. Not every family is able to afford and risk putting in cash for the sake of their child.

Family Points has been launched with a goal to put an end to these issues faced online.

How it functions to improve lives

Family Points exists in order to provide you with a scam-free way to improve the lives of your children. It works towards providing education and approving honest reviews posted prompted by community upvotes. Family Points wishes to be able to build a community galvanized by values.

Once you get yourself associated with Family Points, the platform is open to providing you with the opportunity to purchase, rate as well as upvote your favorite items online. Once you get cash back of percentages ranging from 5%-40% in the form of points on products, you can use those points to purchase more products or spend it on your child’s education.

Family Points offers three target markets to its subscribers which include parents, producer, and service provider. Once parents are subscribed, they can visit the parenting community to obtain information regarding the products and services that have impressed other parents the most. This way you are confident that you are choosing the right product for your child. Educational videos are also available to help awaken your child’s creative side. Other services that Family Points offers include contacting expert consultants and reading reviews posted by users.

family pointsTeamwork makes the dream work

The CEO and the creator of Family Points Ainar Abdrahmanov owned a chain of kindergartens before he introduced Family Points to the world online. Family Points came to the limelight in 2015 after being in the papers for winning the G-Start up World competition held in Beijing, China, believed to be the largest and most prestigious startup competition. After winning the coveted title, they got the opportunity to launch their company and begin their operations in China.

Now with a large group of supporters, the entire Family Points team has been able to work and provide to their subscribers years of experience in numerous fields including manufacturing, distribution, production education, web development and so much more. In fact, the lead expert of Family Points has been fortunate enough to run and provide for America’s popular Montessori schools.

Subscription Charges

Family Points accepts payment in the form of tokens once you have decided to pay the subscription fee and get started. The company requires you to pay $1 every month to maintain your subscription. As for the Education Subscription, you are bound to pay $10 on a monthly basis. In contrast, the subscription charges for Merchant and Education Center are $100 monthly.


Family Points is planning to launch their platform in the month of April. If it is able to reach its projected sales goals, the company is confident about pushing their launch date a bit earlier in China. The sole intention of aiming attention at China is due to its reputation as one of the largest parental marketplaces around the globe.

Family Points stands by the idea of giving parents a golden opportunity to give their kids a childhood to look back and cherish. Not just that, but the company is confident in its ability to give your child a better education meaning a better future. Family Point is here to offer a new dimension to parental marketing by allowing you to get in touch with service providers personally to discuss and decide what your child needs.

To give yourself the satisfaction you deserve when it comes to your child’s future, you can visit online for more details.