CookUp Presents A Revolutionary Networking Platform For Ordering Home-Made Meals

CookUp is an online platform that works as a social network of people who are interested in homemade foods. It features an app using which people can order homemade foods and get them delivered at their doorsteps. There are no agencies or restaurants involved in this business. The demand for various food items shall be fulfilled by individuals who are skilled in cooking and culinary activities. CookUp aims to serve as a direct platform for food enthusiasts and chefs who can share their experiences about various cuisines and recipes. The platform would also serve as a medium for advertising and educational activities. CookUp is a blockchain-based community where all the transactions would be carried out using cryptocurrency tokens called CHEF tokens.

Features of CookUp

  • CookUp is a great place to offer valuable cooking services and earn money without entering into any kind of long-term contracts or service agreements. Chefs and expert cooks can work whenever they feel the need to earn some extra money for their culinary skills. Cooking services can be offered by amateur chefs, housewives, and professional chefs.
  • CookUp would serve as a social networking platform that promotes healthy food habits and delicious recipes made with quality ingredients.
  • Chefs can quote their rates depending on the quantity and type of food ordered by the users. Since the platform directly connects consumers to service providers, there are no intermediaries or middlemen. This ensures fair pricing and maximum remunerations for the chefs.
  • The working of CookUp is based on blockchain technology. This would ensure maximum transparency when it comes to transactions and workflow.
  • Users who wish to be a part of CookUp would need to buy CHEF tokens using credit card payments, cryptocurrencies or Ether.

The team behind CookUp

Ivan Ivusic is the Chief Executive Officer of CookUp. He is also the co-founder of Mint Media Ltd. He is a member of Croatian Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association UBIK.

Ivan Grbavac is the CTO and Blockchain Developer at CookUp. He is one of the founding members of the platform. He has worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Dubrovnik. He is a Ph.D. student and has secured a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from FER Zagreb.

Josip Tetlo is the Chief Operations Officer at CookUp. He has over 10 years of experience in IT, Business Consultation, and Project Development. He has worked for several international companies. He is the CEO of Pršut Voštane.

Karlo Stojcevic is the Chief Marketing Officer at CookUp. He is an expert in brand development and market trends. He is the author of Promethej which is based on AI-driven brand storytelling. He is also the head of Strategic Planning at 24sata.

Some of the other major team members include Marina Babic (Project Manager), Marina Ruso (PR Manager), Barbara Lakic (Marketing Manager), and Tibor Pistalo (Community Manager).

Should you invest in CookUp?

CookUp is a networking platform based on a highly innovative concept that plays a key role in everyday life. Being a knowledge sharing and food ordering platform, it can easily attract thousands of users who can benefit from the interactive and cost-effective services offered by the platform. Hence, investing in CookUp can definitely yield great results in the long run.

Token Generation Event (TGE)


HARD CAP: 22,500 ETH


1 ETH = 10000 CHEF

  • BONUS Proof Of Care LEADERBOARD: 0.5%
  • AIRDROPS: 3.5%
  • CROWD SALE: 50%
  • PARTNERS (evenly distributed over 12 months): 10%
  • COMPANY & TEAM (evenly distributed release over 12 months): 15%