Plentix, a Blockchain-Powered Reward/Referral Platform

Plentix is offering businesses with the most effective marketing solution and that is based on referrals. There many big companies which have gained millions of customers just because their existing customers recommended their services to new people. It works really great when it comes to gaining customers with loyalty. Plentix is designed to fuel the modern referral economy. It will provide each user with some rewards who will participate in this referral economy. These users will be end users, merchants, friends, along with the app developers. All the rewards will be supplied in the form of plentix tokens.

How does Plentix work?

People usually get nothing when they recommend a service to another user. Every customer deserves rewards for endorsing any product or brand for free. Plentix is designed to reward everybody who wants to be a part of its referral program. There are some agencies that reward only when a person recommends. They reward only to the users who refer their services to other users.

Plentix is going to change it by forming an ecosystem in which all the users can earn rewards and free money. The prime method that Plentix will follow is offering the businesses and developers with flexibility to reward developers, referrers, and customers. This platform will allow the business organizations or developers to use its API to create new apps, software modules, and third-party apps. Whenever a user as a developer will add new software module, he will receive rewards in the form of Plentix coins.

Suppose a developer creates an API and that API is used and referred by a user, both user and developer will gain reward from Plentix. All the transactions and referrals within the Plentix ecosystem will be managed by Plentix. The main objective here is to provide businesses and referrers a one-stop destination where they can develop, signup, and monitor the referrals and interactions. The normal users can use this platform to find businesses in various sectors by using Plentix’s mobile app or online portal.

Features that make Plentix a lucrative platform:

  • It is automated and decentralized:

This platform is developed on blockchain technology and therefore it is a decentralized platform. It offers developers and businesses a structure without any sort of intermediary fees.

  • Pioneering architecture:

Plentix will offer businesses with a broad range of integration options. Any business can integrate its POS or CRM systems into this platform. The developers can create their patent apps and integrate those apps within the Plentix app.  

  • Flexible reward mechanism:

It is up to the users that how they want to reward within their referral network. The Plentix ecosystem will not dictate their decisions and therefore they can customize and develop new reward mechanisms.

Final thoughts:

A sophisticated roadmap and impressive features make Plentix capable of disrupting the referral economy. This platform will provide businesses several golden opportunities of winning customer loyalty. It is up to the businesses and developers that how they customize the referral system to gain advantage with the Plentix ecosystem.





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