Cryptov8, Merging Traditional and Crypto Banking Services

Cryptov8 is a decentralized banking platform designed to combine crypto banking with traditional banking products and services. It is going to achieve this goal by using the cutting-edge blockchain technology. In addition, this platform is also introduced to offer the crypto users a better way of spending their crypto assets without facing any legal issue. The founders believe that the blockchain technology merged with the crypto assets offered by Cryptov8 will encourage the acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies across the globe.

The main goal here is to encourage users, vendors, manufacturers, and banks for accepting cryptocurrencies. If that will happen, end users will experience numerous money saving benefits.

Features that make Cryptov8 a promising crypto banking ecosystem:

Combining the traditional and crypto banking systems is a great approach. It can encourage a better acceptance of cryptocurrency across the globe. That’s what Cryptov8 is going to do by offering the following features:

  • Unification of crypto services:

Cryprov8 as a banking platform will work together with relevant organizations so that it can work to expand the range of blockchain services it is providing and cryptocurrency. This platform will also merge all the essential crypto services and provide them on the same platform.

  • Decentralization:

Currently, the existing banking institutions control money remittances and they apply additional charges for their support. Crypto8 is going to change it and decentralize it. It will achieve this goal by offering participants access to the crypto assets market in a simple, cheaper, and also in a freeway. More and more participants would like to invest in the cryptocurrency market through the tokens generated by this platform. Cryptov8 will reward those participants for their efforts and transactions.

  • New regulations:

No regulations dictate the actions in the cryptocurrency market due to which it has become a risky place to make an investment. In order to make the crypto market safer, Cryptov8 will merge UK regulatory best practices. Every participant will then gain better security and a regulated way of dealing with cryptocurrencies.

  • Crypto Wallet:

Though Cryptov8 is not an exchange, it will still provide every user with a sophisticated wallet for holding crypto assets. Just like a bank account, you can check your crypto balance by using this wallet. It will also allow the users to store their fiat money in this wallet and assess its value with cryptocurrencies. As a user, you can easily convert your fiat money into any chosen crypto asset without spending a lot of time.

  • The CRV8 tokens:

You will need the CRV8 tokens in order to use banking solutions offered by Cryptov8. This token will be used for making payments of the services provided at this platform. All the rewards will be awarded in CRV8 tokens which the user can exchange at any crypto exchange.

Final thoughts:

Cryptov8 is the first Blockchain powered decentralized bank that will merge the traditional and crypto banking solutions. Cryptocurrency users across the globe were waiting for such a platform for quite a long time and now it is available.






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