VeryFile: Network For Sensitive File Management

We are all aware of the growing popularity of blockchain technology. It is being implemented in every field nowadays. This has been possible only because of the fact that it has several advantages to offer. However, at the same time it also has it’s own drawbacks as well which are yet to be fixed. Today, in this particular article we are going to discuss a blockchain platform that has been newly introduced to us. The blockchain network that we are concerned about here is the VeryFile blockchain network. If you are someone who is easily intrigued by the rising blockchain technology then you should definitely give this article a read.

Why VeryFile?

First of all, the one thing that you should know about VeryFile is that it is a blockchain network that seeks to establish a service of file management. It leverages the power of immutable blockchain in order to provide a virtual infrastructure for individuals and businesses. All the important documents are basically encrypted and stored within the decentralized blockchain network that removes all the risk from excessive cost due to the absence of intermediaries and data leaking. This particular platform exploits P2P file management with the use of smart contracts which enables the users to automatize the whole business procedures and also improving the efficiency of internal management while maintaining the ability to track the origin and transfer of the documents without compromising the privacy of those outside the network. The services that are offered by this particular network also comes along with an internal ecosystem management that aids accelerate every business task in a more secure way where all the activities are recorded and also monitored within the network.

How does it work?

This particular platform is known to offer an unrivaled solution to the freelancers and companies who value the security of their confidential information. The platform will offer the most secure technology with the help of smart contracts that helps in automatizing business services and also the transfer of documents. Access to such information will be tracked and controlled which will help in the reducing the costs drastically.

This is a customized decentralized blockchain and smart contract solution that aims to solves security, tracking, data accessibility and the monitoring of problems related to sensitive documents and files. They keep a close check on the privacy of the customers.


Just like any other blockchain platform even VeryFile has, it’s own token system which is used within the platform of VeryFile. The utility token that is used by the platform is known as the Ticker token.

Final Thoughts

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that VeryFile is a blockchain network that makes use of smart contracts in order resolve the issues related to security, data, accessibility, monitoring and tracking of sensitive files and documents. If you wish to learn more about the platform then you can go through the whitepaper of the company which is available on its official