iLink2Music, a Decentralized Platform Connecting Music Fans

Presented as one-stop destination for the music enthusiasts and as a blockchain-powered social media platform, iLink2Music will connect music lovers with the artists and producers from all across the globe. This platform is for everyone. It does not matter what is your age, race, belief, experience, or profession. iLink2Music will serve every user who joins this decentralized music and social media platform.

The users can get a quick and uninterrupted access to entertaining music, contests, prizes, products, and services offered by the music industry. The developers have decided to stream exclusive global concerts for crowdsourcing money for the charities. They have also planned for featuring co-produced content, planned to support and reform online management.

The main objective:

iLink2Music is designed to feature a people-driven platform. It is going to remove the concept of producer because every user will gain the power of broadcasting live music. A lot of member is going to join this platform that will stream the live broadcasted music by other users. The founders are committed to support some necessary reforms in the music industry. Though it is not possible for one person to bring such big changes in the music industry, the iLink2Music is going to make every music fan a part of its ecosystem in order to provide the required solutions.

Key features:

This platform has several features that make it a wonderful destination for all the music fans and artists. Its key features include the following:

  • Verification:

This platform features a perfect verification method to check every user’s vote is counted. It provides a unique combination of public bulletins and digital receipts in order to ensure every vote is counted. If any user finds his/her votes are lost or modified, he can immediately find the details and take necessary actions. This platform is using the blockchain technology especially to enforce verifiability easily.

  • Security:

Every digital platform requires unbeatable security solutions otherwise it can be hacked or threatened by fraudulent entities. iLink2Music takes security concerns quite seriously and therefore it employs the best security features to improve the confidence of the voters. Hence it is using the blockchain technology, the chances of modifying the data are equivalent to zero.

  • Complete transparency:

Whenever any contest is conducted, the users seek complete transparency in order to learn everyone has a fair chance. iLink2Music is using the blockchain to maintain a complete transparency throughout the voting and selection process of new artists.


The ELINKS token will fuel the vital procedures on iLink2Music platform. The total supply of 10,000,000,000 ELINKS is pretty enough for crowdsourcing funds for the development of this platform. In addition, every participant will need this token for making payments and rewards within the iLink2Music ecosystem.

Final thoughts:

iLink2Music is not only going to connect the music fans, artists, and executives, but it will also conduct talent hunt contests within the ecosystem. Every participant will be a voter who can choose the best talent. People can broadcast and enjoy quality content within this platform and therefore it can lure numerous music fans and investors.







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