CryptoLancers, a Dedicated Platform for Freelancing Solutions

The CryptoLancers network is introduced to resolve the problems associated with the freelance businesses. Millions of freelancers work across the globe. They often deal with the exotic or far located clients who they don’t even know. Though there is no risk in dealing with new people but the payment always remains a concerning issue for the freelancers. The clients and project leaders always agree on a price that is elevated by other freelancing platforms because of added transaction charges and other sorts of extra charges. It is quite unfair because mostly the freelancers pay for the added charges. CryptoLancers is designed to change this once and for all and provide more beneficial payment solutions to the freelancers.

CryptoLancers’ solution:

CryptoLancers is going to be one of the leading decentralized freelancing platforms. It will support peer to peer communication and deals. In order to make payments cheaper and faster, this platform is featuring the CryptoLancers tokens that every participant will need in order to use this platform. Today’s freelancing process requires a complete overhaul in terms of payment methods and conditions. The clients often delay the payments due to which the freelancers often face financial issues. With the implementation smart contract agreements and cryptocurreny payments, the clients will not be able to refuse to pay once the conditions of the agreement are fulfilled.

This platform is offering the following solutions:

  • Maximum 2% transaction fees on any payment made by your client.
  • Decentralized plugins for better payment options.
  • Decentralized web hosting.
  • Decentralized feedback in point.

CryptoLancers is a blockchain technology based project so it is obvious to get a variety of decentralized services and solutions. There is no central authority to dictate your actions, therefore you can plan better freelancing tactics and work to lure many new clients and other freelancers.

About 50% of all the freelance workers receive their payments late only because of technical limitations of the technologies used for making fiat transactions. The banks and freelancing sites also charge a considerable extra charge over the actual payment. The systematic problems affecting freelance workers should be quickly revamped and CryptoLancers is working to revamp all the issues and offer what the freelancers need.

When it comes to the clients, they seek serious and highly regarded freelancers to finish their jobs. They want people who have a great experience of finishing projects like their own project and deliver within the agreed timeframe. CryptoLancers will help the clients in finding the best freelancing profiles for their projects. Every client will know the true performance capabilities of the freelance workers. So, there will be no chance of making false claims to win projects.

Final thoughts:

CryptoLancers is focusing on all the issues affecting the experience of all the parties involved in freelance contracts. The individual works will get faster and safer payment options and the clients will get top-rated freelance workers right according to their project needs. That’s how this platform is going to serve both clients and freelancers. The crypto traders can currently invest into the CryptoLancers token and make a profit by sourcing it at higher prices in the future.


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