Xera, the Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Designed to Resolve the Biggest Issues Associated with Crypto Trading

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and growing requirements for feature-rich digital exchanges is encouraging many developers to come up with new solutions. Many new decentralized crypto exchanges appeared within the past few years. Some of these exchanges provide their services on a global level and some in limited regions. Though these exchanges are based on the blockchain technology, they are not completely flawless. Issues like security threats, poor liquidity, a very limited collection of automated features, and latency issue affects the performance of these crypto exchanges.

Xera is one of the newest crypto exchanges, dynamizing crypto asset trading. This exchange is the result of years of experience in trading, banking, and IT that comes from a team of visionary and highly skilled Xera team. Let’s find out more about this new crypto exchange.

Equipped with the most important features:

The Xera team spent a long time in identifying the features without which crypto trading is not feasible. The modern age traders still rely upon third-party tools and paid tools to avoid the loss and make profitable investments in crypto assets via crypto exchanges. Xera is already equipped with non-negotiable crypto trading tools which are very essential for making a beneficial investment.

It operates as a fully integrated crypto exchange that effectively overcomes challenges that reduce traders’ experience while trading their crypto assets. This platform has launched an ICO to arrange funds for the development process. It is selling the XERA token via ICO. You can invest in this token and get a direct access to XERA platform and use all the features offered by this platform for profitable crypto trading.

Noticeable features of Xera exchange:

Xera is offering plenty of amazing features that will resolve some of the biggest issues associated with crypto trading today. These features are as follows:

  • Exceptional security:

The Xera team is deploying the newest cybersecurity technologies to provide robust security features to the customers. This platform provides unmatchable security features to protect your fiat and cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also provides impeccable security features to protect your personally identifiable information. Frauds can never access your personal and trading data when you are trading on Xera.

  • Improved liquidity:

Cryptocurrency has got popular due to increased liquidity but Xera is offering better liquidity than other exchanges. It is dedicating up to 10% share of trading fee into the liquidity pool. Therefore, liquidity will always be healthy on this exchange.

  • Fast trading engine:

Speed is what the users need when trading cryptocurrencies. Xera has successfully maintained super low latency and consequently it features lightning fast speed on the exchange. This platform can successfully maintain 2.5 Mtps throughput and at the same time reducing latency to the lowest possible levels.

Some other features such as auto trading and real-time alerts on the market risks improve traders trading experience on this platform.

Final thoughts:

Xera is one of the pioneering cryptocurrency exchanges that can turn crypto assets into the most profitable market assets. Its features and performance specs will certainly lure the investors and encourage them to use more cryptocurrency than fiat.


Website: https://www.xera.tech/

Whitepaper: https://www.xera.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Xera_Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/xeratechnologies


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