TruePlay Offers Blockchain Advantages To Online Gambling Industry

Online gambling can become profitable and enjoyable with transparent and fair gaming rules and practices on TruePlay. This is a blockchain based initiative that aims to offer an honest and transparent platform for gambling for game providers as well as for gambling enthusiasts. It is a blockchain initiative that is a B2B framework. It offers software solutions that can help make online gaming a fair and honest game that would make it more exciting and profitable for gaming companies as well as gamers.

Features of TruePlay

As B2B network based on blockchain, TruePlay attempts to bring in the following differences:

  • Bets are safe on the gambling games offered through this framework as blockchain makes every game composition and bets safe and with fair chances of wins.
  • TruePlay guarantees that players would be protected from gaming fraud; online gaming companies that use this framework will be able to assure their customers that all practices are fair and remain free of manipulative practices.
  • TPLAY tokens are used to help create settlements and contracts on this ecosystem whose liquidity is assured by external exchanges.
  • Those who are gaming companies or gambling website operators can use tokens of the platform to conduct transactions with players and affiliates.
  • Players can use the platform by making deposits at a casino of the several hosted on this framework; they would gain TPLAY tokens to play, which can be used in the token exchange as well to convert to fiat currencies in their TruePlay wallet.
  • The games offered on this platform are licensed and affiliates are signed in the framework with blockchain based smart contracts and transaction records.
  • Casinos and gaming companies are offered use the technology of the platform as a SaaS solution to make online gambling more transparent, efficient and profitable.

Roadmap of TruePlay

The platform was formed in February 2018 and introduced at the ICE Totally Gambling event as well as showcased at the Crypto Investor Show in March in London. In the same month the blockchain technology for the platform was finalized and the months of April and May saw the platform being showcased at different summits and events in Ukraine and US. The finalization of the platform will be completed in 2019.

Team behind TruePlay

Stanislav Makarchuk is CTO of TruePlay. His prime responsibility is to lead the technology team of the platform. He also handles responsibilities for WinForce Ukraine.

Dmitriy Shvets comes in as a venture capital investor for the platform. He has helped many startups, internet technologies and backed several innovative projects. He acts as managing partner of the Imperious Group VC fund.

Oleksiy M is CEO of the company who also holds a similar position of responsibility at SGS Universal.

There are several other professionals, from the IT and online gambling world, who are working to make the platform’s objectives a working reality. There have been several showcases at different summits and that has helped the platform to gain recognition and partner with several gaming solutions providers in the industry.


Price policy and system of discounts:

  • TruePlay Early Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 0.84 ETH
  • 1st stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.0 ETH
  • 2nd stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.1 ETH
  • 3rd stage TruePlay Token Sale: 1000 TPLAY = 1.2 ETH


Total Supply - 70,000,000 tokens


  • 60% Token sale
  • 20% reserve for the team, consultants and partners
  • 19% TruePlay reserve
  • 1% Bounty






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