TMoney, Get Paid for Every Minute of Your Life

People want to do a lot in their life. Some want to develop skills that can help them in achieving better success in the future. Some individuals want to approach their favorite scientist, politician, actor, or sportsperson to take some tips and be like them. Some individuals simply want to meet the girl or boy of their dreams and they can do anything for spending 15 minutes with that guy or girl. Whether people want to meet someone renowned or simply a person they like, it becomes too difficult to fix a meeting. Time Money (TMoney) is going to make it possible for you now.

Pay for the services per minute:

The TMoney app is designed to empower all the participants for providing different services. The users can provide consultation, coaching, meeting request, and other services through this application. The users can create or ask for per minute meeting with other participants. TMoney aims to ensure that all the meetings would be beneficial for both parties. These meetings will be rewarding and of great quality. The meeting providers can use the smart contract to fix the terms and conditions of meeting before it takes place. Every deal made or transactions took place will be recorded on blockchain’s public ledger.

Meet people you have always admired and wanted to see:

The TMoney developers have only one goal and that is allowing users to meet their favorite people. This platform features a safe, fast, and easy way of finding people with the desired skill set. None other application provides this facility and therefore TMoney can draw numerous individuals towards its services. This platform is equipped with rating system, per minute calculation system, payment system, and verification system, which are based on the most cutting-edge technologies.

TMoney is targeting the on-demand market because it is one of the fastest growing fields. The people value their time when working, assisting each other, or talking. TMoney is offering them a chance of earning rewards for doing what they often do for free. This platform will ensure you that your whole time is valuable and you must get rewarded for spending your time by sharing tips, coaching others, meeting new people, and also by talking to new people.

TMoney token:

This platform has introduced the TMoney token that is going to be used for making payments and rewarding participants. Every user on this platform will gain a complete control over their tokens. Only the community will govern this platform and that’s how it will be decentralized. The founders believe that TMoney can make some impressive reforms in the job market. It can change the way people approach the recruiters and share their knowledge with knowledge seeking individuals.

Final thoughts:

TMoney is unique and there is no other platform currently planning to offer or offering the solutions this platform has. It is expected to lure millions of users who seek consultation, work tips, work opportunities, and also the dating opportunities. People will get paid for every minute of their valuable life and therefore participants will enjoy using this platform.







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