Timicoin Features The First Blockchain-Based Health Information Exchange

Timicoin has built a highly innovative platform that helps the users in integrating and storing their medical records in a systematic way. It features a mobile application that helps the users in storing their medical data in an organized manner. These records are obtained from various medical facilities and medical service providers and are saved in a digital format for further use and reference. With the help of Timicoin, patients can easily refer to their past and recent medical records. This can help them in easily explaining their records to a new practitioner. Timicoin has devised the platform in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) guidelines. Timicoin would issue utility tokens for its users and they can pay for their medical data using the tokens. The health data service can be availed not only by patients but also by medical service providers and organizations like laboratories and pharmacies.

Features of Timicoin

  • Timicoin seeks to develop a Health Information Exchange that can help patients in sharing their medical data with various services through an online platform. The accessibility of health records shall be processed through smart contracts.
  • Timicoin features an application called TimiPatient for its users. The application has many utilities. Primarily, it can help the patients in checking their updated medical data like the results of recent laboratory tests or clinical examination. The application can help elderly patients in easily managing their medical records for frequent reference.
  • While using TimiPatient the users can rest assured that their health records are in safe hands. The records saved on the application can be shared only after the patient authorizes it.
  • The TimiPaitent application is powered by blockchain technology and all the records are exchanged within a secured digital environment. The platform seeks to provide a coordinated patient care system that offers superior data integrity, decentralization, and reduced transaction cost. It aims to develop a reliable data management system for patients as well as medical practitioners.
  • Timicoin can help the users in avoiding the risk of losing their valuable medical records and health data.
  • The platform follows the policy of data anonymity while sharing the health records with various healthcare organizations. The method involves concealing information that relates to the identity of the patient. This strategy of de-identification can help the users in remaining anonymous while sharing their records with requisite parties.

The team behind Timicoin

Timicoin has experienced and qualified team members on board. Joyce Lignell is the Healthcare Strategic Advisor for Timicoin; Tia Lignell is the healthcare Strategist, and Miguel Esparza is the Project Manager. Other key members include Ramiro Pequeno (Managing Partner), Teo Tijerina (Director of Business Development), and Jay Pandya (Software Engineer).

Should you invest in Timicoin?

Timicoin has come up with a revolutionary platform that can change the working of healthcare data management. The application offered by the platform can help patients and healthcare providers in efficiently managing their healthcare records in a secured digital environment. The services offered by the platform are estimated to gain mass adoption among the patient community. Therefore, investing in this new-generation venture can definitely help crypto users in multiple ways.


Website: https://www.timicoin.io

Whitepaper: https://www.timicoin.io/timicoinwhitePaper.pdf



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