Productivist, Connecting Manufacturers with Their Clients Through a Secure Peer to Peer Network

The manufacturing sector is growing pretty fast with the latest advances in the technology. Many large industries across the world faced a huge downfall because of poor economy during the last decade. So, market’s leading manufacturing firms are also planning to try something new to reach the clients and earn a much larger profit. While other options do not seem pretty useful, Productivist seems like a boon for the manufacturing sector.

It is planned to be an affordable, integrated, and one-stop solution for the manufacturing industry. It offers tailored solutions to the clients without compromising with the work quality. It ensures that you work with individuals who have exceptional talent and required skills to finish your job in the best possible way. Therefore, you will not further struggle with manufacturing overheads and manpower costs.


Why is this platform essential for the manufacturing sector?

Productivist is a Blockchain platform designed specifically to form an open data stream. It will allow manufacturing companies and private organizations to find the clients across the globe and power the industrial revolution. The manufacturing industries around the globe have started presuming that only expensive investment, aggressive management, and relocations can help them in gaining a good profit.

The team at Productivist does not believe in such an expensive solution. It believes that your business organization can have many other great opportunities to gain profit without investing a huge amount. Productivist is offering an open and global alternative to those expensive solutions. The journey was started with It is a collaborating network that offers potential clients to the 3D printer owners across the globe. There are over 3000 certified companies, individuals, and Freelancers using this platform to offer impeccable solutions to industrial and private clients.

Features that make Productivist perfect for your needs:

To shortlist a few of many features, we have chosen the given benefits.

  • Affordable sourcing
  • Effectiveness of all the procedures
  • You can choose any order quantity
  • Rigorous IP protection
  • Confirmable work records
  • Quality manufacturing and affordable transportation
  • Real-time progress tracking to assure on-time delivery of the product
  • Over 3000 verified and certified 3D printers

All of these features turn Productivist into a great platform for the manufacturing sector that is struggling to find reliable manufacturing industries. Many industrialists have chosen this platform and found it beneficial for their business.

Is Productivist a practical solution for all the issues confronted by the manufacturing sector?

Productivist is a platform that is using the Blockchain technology to connect the manufacturing industries and clients. This technology is yet not fully developed. The leading industrialists know that and therefore they may not rely totally on this platform.

However, it promises to be a revolutionary solution and therefore this startup can soon gain a huge response from the manufacturing industries, private service providers, and service seekers. It is an amazing solution if it works in a way that the developers and designers have intended it to be.






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