GigTricks, A HyperLedger Technology Powered Ecosystem That Will Empower On-Demand Economy

Millions of freelancers are looking for jobs. They want to deal with trusted businesses and stay away from fraudsters who simply do not pay after the job is done. Similarly, the businesses across the globe are looking for trusted freelancers who have a great track record of finishing the job within the given time. The freelance economy is lacking the principle standards required to establish a reliable business relationship between the clients and freelancers. The GigTricks ecosystem is formed to resolve this issue by using the revolutionary blockchain technology. 

Why GigTricks?

This platform will assure a better transparency between the client and freelancers. It will build the trust and a reliable relationship between all the participants. The blockchain will play a major role in verifying actions like skill ratings and reviews. So, there will be no chance of forging on this platform and that’s why it is an innovative step to empower the freelancers and the clients. 

The GigTricks platform was created solely to empower the on-demand economy. It is a 30° ecosystem that will be useful to fight the global recession and provide eligible candidates with the best job opportunities. If you are a talented and skilled enough to handle freelance jobs, you will find the clients, work with them, and gain a good income. Though GigTricks is majorly based on the Blockchain technology, it also incorporates various other technologies that can make it a reliable support for the freelancers. The HyperLedger technology is one of those many technologies powering this ecosystem. 

Key features:

It is a freelance on-demand blockchain that is powered by Hyperledger fabric. This technology is used for many different reasons. The founder wants to assure better security, trust, and this platform is formed to be scalable for the whole GigTricks community. Its key features include the following. 

 Better transparency:

The GigTricks ecosystem assures excellent transparency. There is no chance that anybody can access the private data of the clients and freelancers. However, the clients will be able to gain access to certain details which are within the protocols and settings defined by the platform. Whenever a freelancer will set up his profile, get the jobs, and finish them, the clients will be able to review the performance and rate that freelancer. The reviews and ratings shared by the clients will be visible to other participants. No private messages and gig budget will be shared with other users. 

 Unbeatable data security:

All the participants will be connected with one another through a blockchain network. The use of Hyperledger fabric will make it easier to share the private data securely without risking the security. The participant will get a control mechanism through which a user can decide who can access his data and who cannot. Your data and personal info will be safe and nobody can access it without your permission. 

GigTricks is using the Ethereum blockchain to assure a secure transaction. The Hyperledgerfabric will assure that no transaction fee will be charged so that the users can trade without worrying about extra surcharges. 

Token details

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Symbol: GBTC

ICO Start date: 15-04-2018

ICO End date: 30-08-2018

ICO Price: 1 Token = 0.248 USD