Six Network, Offering Revolutionary Solutions for the Issues Faced By the Content Producers Today

While other industries are enjoying the new solutions offered by the Blockchain technology, the content creation industry is still struggling due to following the traditional approach. The Six Network is aiming to revamp all the issues causing the loss to the content producers. It is designed to decentralize the solutions offered by the content creation businesses across the globe. A variety of issues are affecting the efficiency of the creative sector. The content producers face problems in collaterizing their products because of lack of attention from the financiaries. The Six Network is addressing all these issues and offering decentralized solutions to cope with these issues.

What issues Six Network is addressing?

Many technical issues are affecting the content creation industry today. One of these issues is the complexity in payment processing and contact management. There are too many intermediaries and all of them seek some share of the revenue. The original profit gets divided into several people and the content producers get only a few drops in the end. The problem does not end here because delayed payment issue causes more trouble. It is illiquidity that is causing some major troubles in the content creation industry. The vendors need to wait for a long time in order to receive their payment.

Whenever the content creators try to transfer the content from one platform to another, the nonexistence of the necessary protocols causes shortcoming. The modern platforms such as Spotify, and iTunes have helped the content creators in earning a huge profit from the content they produce. However, the content producers still do not get a thorough control over their intellectual property. Therefore, they cannot deal with other parties while their content is endorsed on some major platforms.

What solutions the Six Network is offering to address the aforementioned issues?

The Six Network is going to address every issue faced by the content producers. It will use the smart contract technology to offer a smart payroll solution. The transaction cost will be fair and the complexity of contract management will get resolved. Only the content platforms can assess how valuable the digital content is and why should the investors should invest their bucks in the selected content. The content producers often face the lack of funds issue which the Six Network is going to resolve. It will help the content producers in lending money from content platforms.

In addition to all the facilities, the Six Network will offer participants with a SIX wallet. This wallet will hold the tokens and allow two or more parties to deal in P2P. Whenever a transaction will take place, the value will get transferred directly in the SIX wallet. The wallet holder can exchange his tokens with other cryptocurrencies to gain profit.

Final thoughts:

The Six Network is a revolutionary ecosystem which is going to please the content creation industry. No intermediaries, not excessive transaction cost, and no delayed payments, all of these features will lure thousands of content creators. You should invest in this token to hold these tokens and sell them when their value is quite high.