Rocati Features Cryptocurrency Services For Funding Real Estate Transactions

The existing real estate markets function on the basis of traditional policies that put lots of financial pressure on the buyers. The expensive and complex nature of home loans and mortgage systems further worsen the situation. This is the main reason that encourages people to rent homes for settling down. However, the process of renting leads to undue monthly payments that leads to long-term financial losses without any tangible benefits to the tenants. Rocati was introduced to resolve this situation by the introduction of a transferable agreement. People who aspire to buy a home can do so with the help of Rocati. The value of the home is to be paid over a period of time via installments. The homeowners can own the property after all the installments are paid or sell it any time to retrieve the amount paid.

Features of Rocati

  • With the help of Rocati platform, the user can buy a home without getting into the trouble of obtaining bank loans or expensive home loans from financial institutions. The potential home buyer gets to use the property as his own while paying the price of the property in monthly installments.
  • The transferable agreement entered while buying a home using Rocati is generally for a period of 3 years. After the end of this term, the buyer is free to decide about owning the home (continue the installments) or selling it off.
  • The transferable agreement can be surrendered by a home buyer to any other individual who can use the home by paying the installments. Only after the last installment is paid, the ownership of the property is finalized in favor of the person who has been paying the installments.
  • Buying a home or acquiring a home using Rocati is similar to the process of renting a home. However, while the rent amount paid by the tenants is considered as a financial loss, the installments paid by a Rocati home buyer adds to the value of the home that can be owned after the last installment is paid.

The team behind Rocati

The President and Chief Communication Officer of Rocati is Mario Pinzi. For more than 40 years, he worked as a Journalist for some of the most prominent Newspapers in Italy. He is the founder of PRS International and the European Press Agency. He is also the director of newspaper

Emanuele Pinzi is the CEO of Rocati. He has completed his Degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Bolonga. He also holds a Degree in Interior Architect from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Damiano Pignalosa is the co-founder and COO at Rocati. He has worked at PRS International where he dealt with Crisis Management. He is a specialist in Brand Development, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies. He is the Chief Editor of

Giovanni Passali is the Monetary Analyst at Rocati. He has over 10 years of experience in financial markets and trading. He is also the President of Associazione Copernico.

Other members of the team include Roberto Pinzi (co-founder), Donato Colonna, and Alessandra Pinzi (Real Estate Agent).

Should you invest in Rocati?

Rocati is a blockchain-powered system for buying and selling real estate properties. The working of Rocati is based on thorough background verification of the users. Overall, the venture can be deemed as a promising investment sector for the users.

ERC20 compliant

Symbol - ROCATI