PayBlok ICO - Makes Business To Business Payments Quick, Easy, And Hassle-Free

The brainchild behind the PayBlok is the InstaSupply platform. They have created the PayBlok to make payment transactions between the businesses a smooth and efficient as possible. This is done to ease the way business interactions between the buyers and sellers take place. The payment of the suppliers’ invoices is eased by the PayBlok and this offers tremendous benefit to the buyers and suppliers.

The key features of PayBlok

  • The PayBlok makes use of blockchain technology and the smart contract option to make the payment to the suppliers fast and easy. PayBlok offers the financial solution to the supply chain through this decentralized platform.
  • The PayBlok tokens will be used as a tool to make good use of the payment feature that is inbuilt in the InstaSupply platform.
  • The buyers and the suppliers will get rewarded with tokens once the payment is processed through PayBlok. These tokens can be used to get exclusive discounts and other low payment options when using the InstaSupply platform. The tokens can be used to make actual payments and this reduces the risk of cash transactions.
  • The approval of the invoices has used the automation process and therefore there will be less delay in clearing the payments than doing it manually.

The team that made PayBlok happens

The co-founder and the CTO/CIO of PayBlok and the InstaSupply team is Tim Huegdon. H has over 17 years of experience working in the software team leader and software development fields. He has plenty of work experience working on the technical side in firms like Betfair, Yahoo! UK, Amazon, and Rentokil Initial.

Lee Pruitt is the co-founder and CE with experience in business to business e-commerce solutions. He started THE Tizaro e-commerce B2B distribution in Europe and was the leader of the Grainger B2B e-retail business.

Neil Crosby has over 11 years experience in software development. He has worked with several brands like BBC, Amazon, Yahoo! UK, and Mintel. He is now the Head of Technology.

Jonny Ford is the DevOps Engineer and is involved in data management and server management for over a decade now. Michael Davies is the Chief Technical Architect of PayBlok with over 19 years of experience in the software development. He has also worked with leading companies like Legal & General, Amazon, and Yahoo! UK. Peter Featherstone is a blockchain enthusiast and has been into software coding since the age of 14. He is a software engineer.

The Head of User experience in PayBlok is Lee Jordan. He started as a web developer 17 years ago and is also a specialist in user-experience. Marcus Raphael is the Head of Business Intelligence and brings to the fore 8 years of service in mining, consultancy, and telecommunications fields. Martin Coxall is into digital marketing, B2B services, and e-commerce solutions for over 10 years. He is the Digital Marketing Director of the PayBlok InstaSupply team.

The advisors of the PayBlok InstaSupply team are Mark Evans, Riaz Shah, Mark Hodges (tax account), and Sarah Lane (company lawyer).

Is it worth using PayBlok?

PayBlok tokens are mainly targeted at the cash flow of the small and mid-sized businesses. This platform helps in offering quick and Ealey payment solutions between the businesses by making use of the top end features offered on the already existing InstaSupply platform.

The Distribution

The distribution of tokens will break down as follows:

  1. 60% Token Sale (150,000,000)
  2. 15% Blocked for future use (37,500,000)
  3. 18% Company, Team and Advisors (45,000,000)
  4. 5% Incentives | Rewards (12,500,000)
  5. 1% Referral Program (2,500,000)
  6. 1% Bounty Program (2,500,000)

Token Sale Details

  • Symbol: PBLK
  • Total number of tokens: 250,000,000

TOKENS AVAILABLE                    PRICE PER TOKEN             DISCOUNT

1 - 7.5M                                    $0.24                               20.00%

7.5M - 22.5M                             $0.25                            16.70%

22.5M - 37.5M                           $0.27                            10.00%

37.5M - 60M                             $0.28                            6.70%

60M - 82.5M                             $0.29                            3.30%

82.5M - 150M                            $0.30                            0%



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