MPCX, a Decentralized Digital Wealth Management Tool

MPCX is a blockchain powered platform, developed specifically to meet all the requirements of investors. This platform is essentially planning to combine all the cryptocurrency solutions in one platform. Initially this platform will work to develop a blockchain powered ecosystem. This ecosystem will work to manage the cryptocurrencies of investors. Later this platform will turn into a reliable digital wealth management ecosystem and offer a wide range of products to meet the growing requirements of crypto traders and investors. There are a lot of things you would like to know before you decide to invest in MPCX.

Problems MPCX aims to resolve:

Every individual, who has the internet connection, knows what cryptocurrency is. It is quite rare to find someone who does not know crypto coins. A stiff increase in the value of famous crypto assets such as Bitcoin has made cryptocurrencies popular across the globe. Today everyone believes that Bitcoin is going to last for many years and investing in it is a great idea. Today’s crypto market is approx 400 billion and it includes more than 1500 different crypto coins. The demands for cryptocurrencies are increasing pretty fast and the crypto industry is failing to meet that demand. MPCX is introduced to offer an effective solution and resolve this issue.

Products offered by MPCX:

MPCX has created tailored products to meet the needs of crypto investors. These products are as follows:

  • The Crypto Investable Indices:

The leading 10 crypto assets are placed in the Crypto Large Cap Index. It offers 20% weight for every major coin. In the Mid Cap Index there will be twenty coins with 10% maximum wait for each coin in order to offer perfect diversification. The statistics within these indexes are constantly reassessed and adjusted by using unique methodologies developed in-house.

The MPCX ecosystem is also going to feature Smart Beta Factor Crypto Index that will include 200 coins. 5% weight will be allotted to each coin in this index. In order to evaluate the constituents and weights, this platform will deploy machine learning algorithms and the AI technology.

  • Digital Smart Investment Mandate:

The Digital Smart Investment Mandate or DSIM is an AI powered smart contract. It is going to process all the details offered by the client in order to prepare a unique crypto investment strategy and provide the client with a profitable plan. It will also implement the investment plan. This is going to prepare crypto portfolio which will be based on the investor’s liquidity needs, risk tolerance, horizon, objectives, and the future crypto creation goals set by the client.

Token details:

MPCX is going to supply 1 billion XDMC coins in total. The investors can buy these tokens by paying bitcoins, Waves, ETH, ZCash, and LTC.

Final thoughts:

The crypto assets are still new for many people. New investors seek some good support in order to make smart investments and manage their digital assets. MPCX is offering a comprehensive support along with some unique tools. Therefore, it can lure numerous new crypto traders and experienced investors.