LaborCrypto- A Fair Decentralized Platform For Freelancers And Clients

The LaborCrypto is a blockchain decentralized platform that offers the freelance workers and the people who hire them the power to use smart contracts and enjoy better economy. It will help in decentralizing the corporate power and help the freelancers and the work providers to make good money through reduced transaction costs. This platform gives more power to the freelancers and helps freelancers to connect to all hirers from around the world. The users will get to keep more of the money that they make because of low service and transaction fees. The consumers and the job providers will get access to this peer to peer platform where jobs are posted and the freelancer has to name the price to get the job. All transactions are done through LaborCrypto coin and payments are done quickly.

Features of LaborCrypto

  • This freelancer platform will offer a decentralized platform that will work as an administrator to match the users to find their perfect match and also offer easy and quick matchmaking.
  • The jobs posted by users will be visible on the platform to offline workers as well as online e-lancers in seconds and it will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • The users get the opportunity to set the price for the project and the platform will not interfere in setting the price.
  • The job provides can hire even a team of freelancers or job seekers and manage them in real-time on this platform.
  • LaborCrypto only charges very low transaction fees of about 4%, which is far less than the 20% and upwards that are charged by other traditional platforms.
  • All activities on this platform are done peer to peer and through the blockchain technology, hence every detail shared through this platform is safe and secure.

The solid team behind LaborCrypto

Tarik Khribech is the CEO of LaborCrypto. He is also the founder of ChoreRelief and an ICO advisor. He has vast experience in starting up small businesses and Tech startup. He also built the l’Ord’Afrique, that makes beauty products that are sold over 400 salons worldwide through the e-commerce platform.

Adam is the Vice President of LaborCrypto. He is also the director of ChoreRelief and is always on the lookout for empowering people. He is intent on building a great structure of the global services platform in the near future.

Vinodh Vemireddy is a Business and data Analytics consultant who offers quality consulting services over the financial services and oil and gas industries. He is well versed in data and business analytics, business intelligence, data quality, client relationships, etc.

The Vice President of Relations & Strategy is Tim Mayeur. He was instrumental in many e-commerce launches and is also an advisor to many blockchain startups.

Prabu Dass is the blockchain advisor and consultant and also the Project Head of LaborCrypto. He has vast experience working with blockchain technologies.

Meryem Khribechid the Global Procurements Director with very a good background of making positive solutions to business challenges.

The other popular members in the LaborCrypto team are Steve Young (legal advisor), and Jeff Krantz (advisor).

Roadmap of LaborCrypto ICO

The private sale of LaborCrypto started in May 2018 and it’s pre-sale in June 2018. The phase 1 and 2 of the ICO will commence in July 2018. The license filing and filling of other government regulatory applications will take place in August 2018 along with token distribution. The LBRtoken to be used on affiliate platforms will be built in September this year. The company has plans to start alpha and beta testing of this ICO in the Q1 of 2019. The platform launch will take place in Q2 of 2019 and the mobile apps will come out in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The 4th quarter of 2019 will see regional offices develop across the globe.


  • 60% TOKEN SALE
  • 15% FOUNDERS


Hard Cap:                      $22 Million USD

Soft Cap:                       $2 Million USD

Max Token Supply:         100,000,000,000 LBR

ICO Token Price:            1 USD = 2,000 LBR

Currency:                      ETH, BTC

Minimum Purchase:        0.01 ETH

ERC20 Token:                Yes

ICO Starts:                    TBD - June

ICO End:                       60 Days