Genesis Supply Chain Brings A Blockchain-Based E-Sourcing Platform For The Aviation Industry

GSC seeks to provide a decentralized marketplace for Aviation service providers and aeronautical professionals. With the help of a blockchain-governed platform, GSC aims to optimize the functioning of the existing aviation supply chain. Aviation industry heavily relies on quality manufacturers and suppliers who deal in high-performing and innovative aircraft parts and technologies. Lack of reliable data and reports associated with counterfeit equipments and defective parts often causes the aviation service providers to deal with un-authenticated dealers and suppliers. In the aviation sector, such practices may have serious implications resulting in accidents and mishaps. To prevent such incidences GSC has planned to develop a highly reliable system of aviation database that includes the records associated with every dealer and supplier involved in the aviation supply chain. Services and users who use the GSC platform for procuring their aviation supplies can ensure complete safety and reliability of their procurements.

Features of GSC

  • In the aviation industry, finding reliable and quality suppliers can sometimes be a challenging affair. To this end, GSC would be gathering relevant information about global suppliers and compiling them into informative identity cards. The buyers can access all the necessary data regarding suppliers by accessing their identity cards.
  • GSC would be featuring an advanced search option for the buyers in the aviation sector. This would allow them to easily search for reputed dealers or suppliers by entering the Service Reference, Part Number, or the keyword associated with the concerned product or service.
  • The platform would also be incorporating a live chat option. This would help buyers in interacting with the suppliers or service providers.
  • GSC would be featuring a rating system for the buyers and sellers. This is to help the users in differentiating the suppliers on the basis of their previous contracts and the quality of the products they deal in. The buyers are also effectively rated on the basis of their payment policy. Buyers who have a reputation for making prompt payments are usually well rated.

The team bcSC

Maxime Legros is the Founder and CEO of GSC. He has over 7 years of experience in the aeronautics industry. He has previously worked as a Supply Chain Manager for a France-based company- Aerotec. He is skilled in developing business relations.

Cyril Vuaroqueaux is the CTO at GSC. He is the CEO of BIP Info which is an established IT company in France. He has over 13 years of experience in the IT sector. He has done his Master’s in Internet Technology.

Jonathan Zerbib is the Platform Developer at GSC. He is an expert in developing web applications with over 8 years of experience in this sector.

Achyut Shrestha is the Blockchain developer for the platform. He has around 16 years of experience in Software development.

Should you invest in GSC?

GSC has made an attempt to develop a revolutionary platform for organizing the current system of supply chain prevalent in the aviation sector. The success of the platform would definitely help the buyers, suppliers, and investors in multiple ways. Besides being a strong networking platform, GSC has a potential for earning steady revenues for its investors.

Total number of GSC tokens - 999,999,999

1 GSC Aviation token - 0.02 €

Minimum purchase € 2,000

Maximum purchase € 100,000

The presale of GSC Tokens will take place until reaching the Presale Hard Cap of € 1,200,000 or 10% of the number of tokens put on sale for the ICO, or until the date of completion of the ICO.

At the beginning of the public ICO on July 24, 2018.

Minimum purchase will be 100 € and the maximum 400,000 € per person /institution/company/group of buyers.

The public ICO will be held in 2 different stages.

  1. Stage one will begin July 24, 2018 until August 23, 2018. It will contain 180 Million tokens (30%) for the price of € 0.05 per GSC token.


  1. The final stage will begin from August 24, 2018 with 360 Million tokens (60%) available until the end of the ICO on October 24 for a price of € 0.10 per token. All unsold tokens during these stages will burned.

Token Distribution Structure

Token Sale (60%)

Escrow (10%)

Bounty (3%)

Crew (25%)


Distribution of Funds

Marketing/Token Growth (20%)

IT & Development (70%)

Legal (5%)

Security Reserve (5%)