INTRO is an eco-system of online services for residential construction market players – developers, investors, real estate agents,and homebuyers.

There are more than 10 million home-buyers a year and in countries like India, Brazil etc a property is sold while it is still in construction stage. Buying a property that has not yet been completed is risky as the final value of these off-plan developments is harder to access. Intro token takes care of the situation using Artificial Intelligence. They collect process data of off plan developments from state registries to forecast accurate market conditions. Intro Technology RUS,JSC. is a Russia based company with the father company being one of the best competitors for real estate marketing.

In this fast world, Intro Token is demanded as there are people who want to take the risk of buying a property as soon as possible; they do not want to wait until the last moment. The goal of Intro Tokens is to make the off-plan property market transparent and protect the homebuyers as well as the developers.

How it works

  1. Data of the off plan projects are loaded by the developer in the State Accounting System.
  2. Transactions data is anonymized and stored in the block-chain with regular uploading of new deals from departmental sources
  3. Based on the data received Intro generates market metrics. The main properties are sale dynamics, market shares, stocks of the off-plan property.
  4. From the data received the artificial intelligence will evaluate the market patterns and will calculate the risk of the off plans. It will also determine the defects of the plan and will give home buyers a transparent image of the plan they are investing in.

Significant benefits of intro tokens:

  1. It is the first company in the market to use artificial intelligence, so it gets the shared
  2. The Commercial version of INTRO Analytica has launched 3 months ago and now generates $8,500 revenue per month.
  3. Foreign as well as the domestic market is targeted by
  4. They are one of the best in real estate marketing and thus they will have a better knowledge of the market.
  5. All transactions with this company will be based on a token system, that will increase the demand for tokens.
  6. The artificial intelligence will match the data from the site with the actual plans and will help to detect errors made by human factors.
  7. A special module in INTRO checks the relation between investment volume and construction phase.
  8. Over 20 construction companies, several governmental agencies, and industry associations are already using their products.

Intro Sale is a private online auction where the developers who are having a financial crunch and a monetary gap can sell their properties to their partners who can further resell the property at market prices.

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