HPQ ICO- A Platform To Invest And Make Money With High Purity Quartz Trading

The HPQ is a leading industrial commodity backed token system that offers the users the option to invest on High Purity Quartz (HPQ), which is in great demand. The investors are guaranteed of getting returns and the token also comes with a buyback option. The HPQ is in great demand as it is used extensively in semiconductor, optical fiber and solar industries. There is a lesser amount of competition in the HPQ industry globally. The HPQ decentralized platform offers high-quality HPQ at lower costs. Investing in this commodity by the way of tokens will surely bring in better rewards in the future as the demand for the quartz is always high.

The features of HPQ ICO

The HPQ is a real industry investment and the industrial project is located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The production of the HPQ is through affordable and environmentally-friendly production. The technology used is the best to produce high quality and pure quartz that is in great demand in the market. The project is all set to start with the team, financial model and pans, sales, and the industrial park all rearing to go. The tokens can be redeemed to get the product and the price of the HPQ is also stable. The company offers a buyback guarantee for your invested quartz at pre-defined prices. The entire process of the project is 100% transparent and one can check out the office and the project at any time.

Know the team members of HPQ

Vladimir Borchev from the Soviet Union has multiple patents in chemistry, including for the production of silicon and silicon dioxide. He has 40 years of experience in chemistry and work experience with leading chemical companies globally.

Sami Quraishy, a graduate from London school of economics, has worked as an Audit Associate at KPMG, London and Global analyst in Dubai, Singapore and London. He is the co-founder of online startup Snackly.

Sergei Golovach, a gold medalist in economics from the Far Eastern State University has more than 15-years-experience in industrial equipment and technology. He has experience as an equipment adviser for many companies and was the project manager for Finam Holdings.

Henry Joseph-Grant is highly experienced in starting businesses. He held senior positions in Gett, the Uber rival and The Entertainer of Abraaj Group. He has worked as adviser and operator for startups, PE funds and Venture capital companies. He has also played a key role in creating a tech startup ecosystem in Northern Ireland. He was the COO of Big Dish ventures in South East Asia.

Alexander Astakhov is an expert in industrial technology, construction and design. He is passionate about using eco-friendly technologies and recycling in the industrial sector.

Zachary Latif was only 14 when he graduated from the University of Westminster and was 18 years when he completed an MS from Cass Business School. Latif co-founded the equity franchise TLG Capital. He has been the guest host for the CNBC show Squawk Box.

Tran Quoc Dat with LLM degree is the Founder of NDT lawyer and a foreign attorney. He has more than 10 years’ experience in law companies and corporations based in Japan, Vietnam, US and Europe.

Is investing in HPQA safe option?

Anyone looking to make money out of commodity trading through the blockchain technology can rely on the HPQ ICO platform to enjoy good returns for the investment. You are investing in a real industry here and the product that is brought out through this project is one that you can touch and feel. With features like exit option, guaranteed returns and profitable returns, the HPQ ICO are a good platform to invest your hard-earned money.

Pre-ICO 2.00 + 5-15% free bonus tokens

Token Price

ICO day 1 - $2.00

ICO day 2-7 - $2.20

ICO day 8-15 - $2.30

ICO day 16-25 - $2.40

ICO day 25~ - $2.50

Tokens can also be exchanged for High Purity Quartz:

1 “HPQ” token = 1 kg IOTA-STD = 0.5 kg IOTA-4 (EXW)


Website: https://hpq.io/

Whitepaper: https://hpq.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HPQ-Whitepaper-2018.pdf