Evareium - Tokenizing & Digitalizing Real Estate Investment

Emergence of Evareium

Evareium provides an opportunity to the investors such that they can invest in the tokenized private real estate fund. The main intent is to capture off-market and on market real estate acquisitions. The advent of Evareium has brought in immense benefits to the users, in terms of huge capital growth and also investment returns. Apart from above, it has also provided users with instant liquidity, enabling people to use funds in different sectors or areas they want.

Benefits of Evareium

  1. One of the most interesting benefits of participating in Evareium is, 100% of the proceeds from funds come back to the investing parties. The only minute portion which is deducted includes technical fees, interest and also setup fees.
  2. Rental yields can be generated which means an investor can expect to earn fixed returns across the tenure of investment.
  3. Immense growth in overall cash flow and reduction in the amount of debt of investors. Investors can thus expect to have much-improved liquidity than ever before.
  4. For investors, evareium forms the basis of the portfolio. With the addition of these investments, an investor can expect to earn good amount of return and also take safe investment decisions.

How does evareium work?

The investment strategy of evareium work in the ways mentioned below;

  1. Real estate is acquired for carrying out different business operations and improvements.
  2. Blockchain technology is incorporated into the system such that efficient monitoring and management of system can be carried out.
  3. The basic goal is to create a portfolio of a smart building that has appropriate equity principles and also lays the foundation for overall strategy.
  4. Once EVT utility token is implemented using Blockchain technology, the transactional functionality of real estate portfolio can be achieved which is much understandable for the investors.

Evareium – its purpose and usage

The number of funds raised a net of technical partner fees and also other administrative charges is further used to establish, cover, manage the issuer, fund, advisor, general partner, manager etc. Along with it, the proceeds of the balance of EVM issued is then used to the subscription of limited partnership, settling costs, fees etc.

The leading professional from different sectors such as real estate, advisory, hotel, private equity makes use of Evareium. By investing in Blockchain, the token holder is given access to exit in certain portions of real estate industry. Investors are thereby allowed to invest in sole property and diversify or manage their property the way they want.

Thus, with the implementation of Evareium a low entry point of investing in shares can be created. This is quite useful for the investors to successfully invest in real estate and maintain their liquidity ratio for any time and kind of investment.

Investors these days are looking forward to having a flexible portfolio, something which can be altered and created as per the will of the investor. In such a scenario one of the most appropriate solutions to choose is Evareium. The investment in this option opens up big markets for the investor, wherein billions of dollars can be invested and earned.

Evareium team

The team has experienced professionals which includes;

  • Stefan Hickmott BA (Hons) – CEO and Founder
  • Mark Wilson MSc. – Principal of Investments
  • Avik K. Rakhit -Associate - Director of Investments
  • Andrew Rowlstone – Head of Investor Relations
  • David Pryce – Commercial Advisor
  • David O’Riley – Commercial Advisor
  • Katy Allafranco – Head of Marketing
  • Matthew Ranson BSc (Hons) ACIBSE – Brand and Commercial Strategy Advisory

Further, the advisory team constitutes of;

  • Dr. Gery Maes Van de Vorst - Advisor to Board of Directors
  • Christian Papathanasiou - Advisor to Board of Directors
  • Phillip Nunn - ITO Ambassador
  • Paul Moynan - ITO Ambassador
  • Peerchemist – the Peercoin project
  • Justen Bontekoe - Technical Advisor
  • Steve Rowlstone – Advisory Associate
  • Elias Ahonen - ITO Advisor
  • Jonathan Lane - ITO Advisor
  • Yogesh Gaikwad - ITO Advisor
  • Desmond Marshall - ITO Advisor

Token details

EVM token of up to 150,000,000 is to be issued at a par value of USD 1. However, this value I subject to discounts and other offers as applicable. One class of tokens i.e. EVM is going to be issued, along with two separate tokens offering namely EVT and EVR.


Website: https://www.evareium.io/

Whitepaper: https://evareium.io/assets/img/pdf/Evareium-White-Paper-January-2018.pdf