Advanced Parimutuel Options

Why the Advanced Parimutuel Options is the Best Solution for All the Issues Faced By Cryptocurrency Traders?

The Advanced Parimutuel Options has emerged as the leading platform for buying options by investing cryptocurrency. The crypto reviews experts are also praising the features offered by APO. Whether you want to buy long or short options, APO offers both kinds of options. It is well known that there is no way to short Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The leading cryptocurrencies are disassociated. The fiat money does not affect the value of cryptocurrencies and therefore it is very difficult to develop a program that can sell short same as the existing tools in the market. APO is the only hope for cryptocurrency traders because it offers some excellent solutions.

Why a platform like APO needed?

Whenever a trader has attempted to produce futures and options for cryptocurrencies by using the centralized exchanges, it caused the high collateral of futures and costly premiums of options. It means the old trading instruments were impractical when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Traders, who used to write options, were not able to evade the risks and that’s why no old instrument was perfect. The Advanced Parimutuel Options come up as a decentralized solution for the cryptocurrency derivatives because there is no other tool that can ensure you with the unpredictable price fluctuation. It works same as Parimutuel betting and therefore it is an effective solution.

Features that make Advanced Parimutuel Options a great solution:

APO is the only best way out for cryptocurrency derivatives. The blockchain technology is already revolutionizing other sectors that include the healthcare sector, manufacturing industries, education, and other fields. The APO is the perfect stage for traders because of the following features:

  • Considered the best stage for cryptocurrency trading, APO is one of its kind platforms that is developed by a team conducting the ICO.
  • This ecosystem is connected to blockchain network.
  • There is no need for option sellers on this platform.
  • The APO works without collateral.

How to gain profit by using Advanced Parimutuel Options?

Getting popular as a derivative cryptocurrency instrument, the APO assures payment when the options are about to expire. This platform can generate profit for all the participants. You can gain profit by using APO, if you are:

  • A cryptocurrency miner. The bitcoin miners always wanted a tool that can ensure a valid payment once the job is done. The cryptocurrency prices also go up and down and APO assures that you get the right value for your efforts.
  • Agencies that offer cryptocurrency coin reviews and conduct ICOs, can also gain profit by using the APO. If the cryptocurrency prices go up, it will be reduced to the price fluctuation value.
  • You can also gain profit as an individual trader by using the APO instrument. You can easily predict when the prices will rise and fall.

The APO is the hot topic of discussion among the traders. It is in cryptocurrency news since it was introduced. The cryptocurrency market would adopt this tool because it will ensure a better stability. This tool is quite essential when it comes to improving the nature of the market.

Token details

Symbol: APO

ICO Start date: April 25, 2018

ICO End date: May 23, 2018

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 APO