ViValid To Offer An Assessment Platform For Valuables

ViValid offers a platform for assessing your valuables and getting the worth for the same. The platform being a decentralized one, the assessment and transactions can be done in a professional and objective way. From limited edition sneakers to valuables that one might possess in their home, these can be put up for objective evaluation through this platform and once their potential value is determined, one can also put them up for sale.

Features of ViValid

The platform would offer several advantages and benefits such as:

  • It strives to remove the obstacles that most people face when it comes to getting valuables objectively assessed and valued
  • Often people turn to random pawn shops and have to rely on their judgment and verdict as per the valuation and price they offer for such items
  • With this block chain platform one can get an objective assessment done by unique algorithms that would be part of the assessment system of the platform
  • The system would be community driven where collectors and experts would provide their services for assessment and would receive reward tokens for their service
  • Items that are valued would be certified with proof of validation protocol to convince owners that they have the right assessment done
  • Validators would have a chance to earn through this platform as well as offer prices for items that are put up for evaluation
  • Assessing worth of valuables would be done through several layers. At the fourth and fifth level valuables are assessed by proven experts and their validation details would be preserved through the block chain technology

All transactions on the system would take place through the Viv tokens. These can be invested at the time when one subscribes for the service and they can avail of validation services through the use of tokens that are safely stored in the crypto wallet provided by the platform.

Lucrative aspects of ViValid

The assessment of valuables service is not a structured one in the digital world. Most people need to seek out experts who are specialists in certain domains and need to upload details of their possession through portals that can be infiltrated upon. With the secure base of this platform one would be assured of anonymity and safety of their valuables. At the same time they would gain access to a community of experts who can evaluate and assess their possessions on this platform where all records would be maintained by the block chain technology. With a large potential market for such a service it can be a viable business to invest in.

Team behind ViValid

The venture is being worked upon by a team of professionals, headed by Emilian Semczak who is CEO and Founder, entrepreneur and software architect. He has over 20 years of experience in domains like web and software development. Sebastian Zerniak is COO and founder who have held the role of an IT manager along with 15 years expertise in domains like IT infrastructure, project management and other areas. Henrik Kromann has been in the music domains, being a collector of vinyl records and other collectibles. These top management members are aided by several others in executing and running the platform.

Symbol - ViV

ERC20 compatible

Total supply - 200,000,000

Public sale - 140,000,000

1 ETH = 1800 ViV

Minimum  - 0.1 ETH

Currency accepted - Only ETH


2520 ViV (40% bonus)

Main sale:

1st week: 2070 ViV (15% bonus)

2nd week: 1980 ViV (10% bonus)

3rd week: 1890 ViV (5% bonus)

4th week: 1800 ViV