Storweey: Easy Options For Online Trading Using The Blockchain Technology

The cryptocurrency is sure to rule the world in the future. It is going to become the most used mode of payment to buy goods and services as more and most online retailers and bigger businesses have started to use it. The Storweey is a blockchain ICO that offers an open, hassle-free and easy marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade in goods and services. The payments can be done using cryptocurrencies and thereby your money will be safe and secure. You also do not have to use cash to make payments for the goods and services.

The main features of Storweey

The Storweey online e-commerce platform is a marketplace where the buyers and sellers can carry out good and services trading without any inhibitions. It is a reliable and user-friendly e-commerce platform that offers online traders a safe, efficient and trustworthy e-commerce platform. It will be highly beneficial for the sellers, manufacturers, and the customers to safely and securely buy and sell goods. This is a blockchain platform that offers great business opportunities for small to medium-sized manufacturers and businesses, family businesses, retailers, etc. The e-commerce platform offers the users to choose a wide range of tools to keep the record of their customers through sales analysis, bookkeeping, advertising, promotion, etc. Storweey offers an easy to use feature rich interface so that even novices can start trading on the blockchain platform at once. As it uses blockchain technology, this platform is open, transparent and safe for the sellers and the buyers involved in a transaction. The main advantage of this e-commerce trading platform is that it will reduce the transaction costs and also make the buying and selling process a simple one.

The brains behind Storweey

FarisAzam is the CEO and co-founder of Storweey. He is an experienced portfolio manager and also has vast experience as a day trader. Faris is also the CEO and the co-founder of Ampenity Technologies.

Ben Abramson is the Chief Technology Officer of Storweey. He is also experienced in online trading. He holds a BE degree in Information Technology and also an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology in Mauritius.

Aaron Perez is the COO of this blockchain e-commerce trading platform. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Middlesex University in Mauritius. He has loads of experience in handling many retail hypermarkets.

Robert Rood is the Chief Brand Development Officer. He has the experience of developing many businesses and making them into successful ventures all over the globe. He is a holder of an MBA degree from Université De Maurice.

The project manager of Storweey is Juan B. Fabian. He has over two decades of experience in managing the IT infrastructure of many leading institutions.

Shaun Donovan is the Project Engineer with plenty of experience in IT and telecommunication projects.

The advisors of Storweey are Filip Poutintsev, Adrian Senero (cryptocurrency and ICO specialist), and Freddy Johnson (entrepreneur and investor).

Final thoughts on Storweey

The Storweey is a popular e-commerce online platform that is built on the blockchain technology that is done with the use of smart contracts this decentralized, peer to peer e-commerce platform makes it a very good marketplace for the buyers and sellers to do secure and safe cryptocurrency transactions.


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