SpringRole Features A Network Based On Blockchain-Enabled Attestation And Profile Verification

SpringRole aims to develop a fully decentralized Spring Network that can help the users in finding valid information about professionals and job-seeking candidates from diverse industrial sectors. The platform seeks to address the growing issue of misrepresented and manipulated background information offered through various social networks and job sites. The blockchain technology adopted by the platform would enable decentralized working of the whole network wherein users can provide their input in multifaceted ways to support the complex attestation and verification process followed by the platform. The entire economy of the Spring Network shall be powered by spring tokens.

Features of SpringRole

  • The Spring Network provides various options for its users to earn tokens. It provides a referral program wherein the users get tokens as incentives for bringing in new investors. Users can add individuals or companies that form a part of the platform’s verification process.
  • The platform conducts a multi-tire verification process with the help of ‘crowd sourcing’ process. For instance, the skills and qualifications of a user are attested with the help of several users who endorse the information provided. Depending on the number of endorsements a score is developed that helps companies and recruitment agencies to judge the proficiency of the user.
  • The Spring Network seeks to develop a cost-effective and a trustable background verification system that allows employers and hiring agencies to compare and choose eligible candidates on the basis of their educational qualifications, work experience, and skill set.
  • The user data submitted to the Spring Network can be viewed only by verified users. This is to ensure maximum security.
  • Organizational attestation would also be carried out by the platform. The users can get their qualifications, experience, and achievements attested by sending validation requests to organizations and institutions.

The team behind SpringRole

The Founder and CEO of SpringRole is Kartik Mandaville. He has completed his Master’s Degree from the Carnegie Mellon University. The inception of SpringRole was a direct result of his vision to develop a trustworthy network of individuals and organizations.

David Lewis is the Strategy Executive at SpringRole. He is responsible for heading the Business Development team of the Spring Network. He was the Director at Shopzilla Inc. He is also the founder of an E-commerce venture.

Shivhari Shankar is the Product Manager at SpringRole. He works as a Product Architect for a Bangalore-based startup called Guru-G Learning Labs. He had worked at Cisco Systems as a Software Engineer.

Vinay Agarwal is the Head of Engineering at SpringRole. He heads the Technical team at Wishbone. He had served as a Backend Engineer for companies like Elle and Urban Remedy. He was the CTO of ‘Let Me Know’.

Should you invest in SpringRole?

SpringRole represents a realistic mission that seeks to develop a highly efficient system of profile verification and background attestation. The decentralized blockchain-based venture can definitely serve as a powerful tool for the recruitment sector. Besides helping the investors in availing various utility services, it may help them in gaining higher returns as the value of the spring tokens tend to increase with the growing demand for its services.

Token Sale


Volume - 10,000,000,000

Tokens for ICO Sale - 2,550,000,000

Hard Cap: USD $12M

Soft Cap: 1000 ETH

SPRING price:0.00002 ETH

Token Allocation

Contributors & Advisors - 10%

Foundation - 9.5%

Token Sale - 25.5%

Market Development - 30%

Teams and Founder - 25%


Website: https://springrole.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ws5qx6h9whhesib/AAAwWgAjAKUAq5KLEbz2AtO8a/SR_Whitepaper_0.9.pdf?dl=0

Telegram: https://t.me/springrole



username :egetrorx

eth: 0xD8f5063B05f9C2A30F7a8948Db4147dd0Fe961b5