NWP Solution For Healthcare Services And Smart Health Monitoring Systems

NWP Solution proposes a platform where databases and smart devices can be integrated into a single network.  This, in turn, will help to provide Healthcare and associated services through the digital framework.  This platform aims to build upon advanced technologies such as blockchain, data security, and artificial intelligence.  The 2 participants on this platform would solve important tasks related to their health and that of their loved ones. The system would help to minimize costs of drugs and clinical Healthcare as well as insurance. Users would also get the opportunity to participate in Healthcare related research and development projects.  Since the system would make use of blockchain technology, it would ensure that the knowledge base that accumulates in the system remains safe and transparent as well as integral. NWP tokens would be used to pay for different services in the framework.

Unique features of NWP solution

There are several unique features that are proposed by NWP solution which is a company based out of Estonia.

  • It would act as a platform that would integrate different databases and smart devices into a single network for Healthcare services.
  • A smart bracelet would be launched that can help monitor the health of newborns as well as other patients.  Vital statistics such as body temperature, patterns of motion and heart rhythm can be monitored by this bracelet.  It would collect vital information about the health of any patient registered on the system.

  • Those who participate in the platform can carry out different tasks such as availing online Healthcare services, taking part in Healthcare related research and development projects as well as Diagnostic or drug-related services.

The tokens given out in this system would be used simply to make payments on this framework.  As the token quantity reduces in the market, then this will lead to an increase in its valuation.  Users are encouraged to join the system early so that we can purchase the required amount of NWP tokens before they diminish in quantity and their value increases.

The team behind NWP solution

This is a company based out of Estonia.  The team members of NWP

Have considerable experience in the Healthcare industry.  They have also worked in a laboratory management system and this is the current business project that they have undertaken. Alexander Frolov is the CEO and founder as well as the project leader of the company; Andrey Blokhin is the CTO and Dmitry Selkov looks into software development of the project amongst others.

Investing in NWP solution

Should you invest in this business model?  Indeed, there is much potential for the digital framework to venture into Healthcare services.  Paying for Healthcare services through cryptocurrency token, getting basic Healthcare monitoring services through digital devices are exciting possibilities. As a result of this business model definitely seems to be a viable investing project.  It remains to be seen how dedicated is the management team in carrying it out to its full potential.  The company is about to launch its initial coin offering event and the success of this fundraising program will determine its future plans and implementation.


Website: http://www.nwpsolution.com/

Whitepaper: http://nwpsolution.com/nwp_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/nwpsolution