Koios AI platform

With the advent of technology, more and more innovations are being made to optimize human activities. These innovations opened gateways to minimizing human-generated
errors. One of the top innovations being applied today is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence packs a lot of use on a variety of applications. Its most evident
effect is on blockchain technology and the development of AI products. However,
because of its recentness, there are only a few opportunities for the
technology to be accessible to the masses in an open market construct. This is
because of the apparent limitations that migrating AI in the real-life day to
day scales such as the high financial requirement needed to set up a capable
research facility, cost of acquiring the necessary programs, and access to a competent
human resource that is willing to invest in the system. These problems need to be addressed and that’s where Koios AI comes in.

What is Koios AI?

The blockchain company Koios was launched with the main agenda of democratizing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main aim of the company is to provide a
scalable, efficient, reliable and intuitive set of tools for developers to develop
AI algorithms faster and in a more convenient ecosystem.

How Does the Ecosystem Work?

Koios employs a set of highly-skilled designers and developers to create resilient and
effective tools for developing AI algorithms. The ecosystem is built with three foundational components:

AI Lab- the lab is a library of tools, algorithms, and data
sets that can be used by developers to improve existing algorithms or develop
new ones.

Titan Protocol- the main aim of this protocol is to provide a
solid connection and reliable integration of all the components of the
platform. The entire protocol revolves around the use of tokens. The protocol gains computational power through human resources. In return, people are given earning opportunities via tokens.

Neural Net- the neural net is like a market where developers
can submit their AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, data sets,
pre-trained models, and sell them to others who wish to use them.

These three components make up the backbone of the entire Koios ecosystem. Together, these three components interplay and handle important roles to alleviate the existing
limitations that AI development is facing.

How Does Koios AI Alleviate These Problems?

Koios accelerates the development of AI by providing a development platform for
developers that is efficient and manageable on a global scale. By providing the platform, users are provided the opportunity to develop AI daily. The platform also serves as connecting platform that allows developers to interact with each other
and allow consumers access to new and improved AI algorithms.

What is the Overall Verdict of the Koios AI platform?

Koios AI is undoubtedly a new but increasingly becoming more and more popular among AI
developers. It is because of its revolutionary approach to AI development and a viable prospect for promoting an AI-dependent ecosystem that is accessible and convenient. However, it is also important to note that as much as the system is advantageous, there are also disadvantages to it.

Because Koios AI is still relatively new, it would take a while for the system to gain a
solid influx of investments since only quite a few investors have understood
the potential ROI. Furthermore, in terms of growing popularity, Koios AI is
still “growing” and there are other AI systems out there that are more popular
and are selling better. This does not diminish the possibility though that the
Koios platform will soon become a household name when it comes to AI