Kimera AGI Technology For AI Ready Applications

Kimera is a new block chain based platform, proposed based on Nigel AGI technology. This is a form of artificial intelligence that helps eliminate the need for middlemen services. As devices become smarter and are able to communicate and seek out the right service provider directly, it helps to link two devices easily and make the service flow smoothest. Nigel AGI is a smarter form of technology that understands the underlying requirements and objectives of different parties and orchestrates changes in an environment so that users or clients can reach their goal more easily.

Features of Kimera AGI

The technology underlying this framework will achieve the following objectives:

  • This technology is able to proactively suggest solutions and services as per user preferences and requirements. For instance, having a smart phone that would suggest the right apps you would need to be able to connect you with a ride instead of you having to seek a ride through an app like Uber.
  • Devices are made intelligent that would help to establish peer to peer networks proactively.
  • This is a complex technology that has been developed with several years of research. AGI is defined as General Theory of Intelligence that is based on the perspective of quantum physics. This is different from artificial intelligence systems that are being developed based on the neural network.
  • The network takes data from users who sign up to provide sensor data and for their services they are paid through Kimera tokens on a monthly basis.
  • Developers can use this framework and develop apps based on this technology. They would be paid in tokens when their app is used which would be available in the framework.
  • Users can avail of services and use apps available on this framework with Kimera tokens, but they would also have the option to pay through fiat currencies.

Kimera economy moves towards evolving into a framework that would be a lucrative marketplace for apps powered by similar technology. Manufacturers and others who wish to use the technology to build apps and use services would be able to do so as the platform evolves further.

Team working behind Kimera

The platform is the brain child of Mounir Shita who is CEO of the enterprise. He has two decades of experience in AI technology and founded Kimera Systems to bring on the applicability of AGI to the world.  He is aided by James Whitley, who is chief operations officer, being an executive with several years of experience in technical operations and in business. Others comprise of Nick Gilman as Chief Sales officer, Carl Johnson as head of product and so forth.

Lucrative aspects of Kimera

With many block chain platforms fast evolving based on artificial intelligence, this is another unique approach to building similar intuitive technology that would learn and evolve and help build apps and technology solutions that would be smarter, helping to remove middlemen services and in making devices more intuitive, learning systems that provide personalized services.


KIMERA token symbol: KIMERA

Token standard: ERC20 (Ethereum)

Tokens issued: 2,000,000,000 KIMERA

Tokens available for ICO: 1,000,000,000 KIMERA

Private Sale (SOLD OUT): 7,900,000 KIMERA

Promotional Pre-Sale: 25,000,000 KIMERA

Pre-Sale (100% Bonus): 500,000,000 KIMERA

Public Sale: 467,100,000 KIMERA

The KIMERA ICO starts: June 2018


  • 50% ICO
  • 20% Team
  • 5% ICO Partners
  • 20% Nigel Fund
  • 5% Locked


  • 22% Acquisitions
  • 3% Infrastructure
  • 62% Operations / Development
  • 8% Marketing
  • 5% Legal