Innovative Biosearch Brings In A Smart Contract Based Research Platform

Innovative Biosearch launches a smart contract and blockchain based platform for bringing innovation in their research fields which focus on cancer, HIV, and regeneration. This is an initiative of the parent company that is a biotech organization registered in Italy. The ICO would help to support the research being done particularly in AIDS cure.

Features of Innovative Bioresearch

This platform would offer certain features such as:

  • It would act as a decentralized database that would offer data which would prove valuable for related future research.
  • It would act as a social platform for the HIV community.
  • The tokens that would be issued from this platform would be offered as rewards and can be spendable for buying JDM sports cars from the INNBC JDM online garage.
  • There are challenges in accessing clinical research data as per current systems which would be overcome by this block chain platform.
  • It would offer an app that would have a user-friendly interface in providing clinicians an easy way to enter data that they find in their trials. Such data entered can be accessed and elaborated upon by the users of the community which would help bring more light and would add to the growing database of treatments and results.

The database would store genotypic information pertaining to HIV viruses in different patients, the genetic modifications that come by the viral structure as a result of the treatment and so forth. The platform would document the progress of the research projects that are recorded in the system, provide periodic updates to the community through blogs, articles. With the app connecting all kinds of research and cure trials, it would provide more light to the community as well as provide hope to those who are suffering from AIDS.

About the team

It is a blockchain research initiative that is worked upon by Innovative Biosearch which is based out of Italy. Jonathan Fior is the main owner and founder of this company. He aims to bring innovation in this field where the focus is on cancer, HIV, and possibilities of regeneration research. Having worked in the HIV research field, he felt that the blockchain based platform can help collaborate research materials and showcase progress on the same. He is aided by others, such as Davide Bosetti who has expertise in social media, Alessandro Gatti, who is a chief legal officer and several others.

Lucrative aspects of the venture

This blockchain based initiative of a biotech company holds considerable promise. With the right implementation of the blockchain technology, it would create a secure and transparent platform for documenting related research. It would be a database of information in related research fields, help a community of related research team members and others to find the data that they need and collaborate on related fields. It would surely see more members joining in the community and would be a lucrative platform whereby investors and contributors would be rewarded and would find it a lucrative investment.



  • Symbol - INNBC
  • Hard Cap: 50million INNBC Tokens (including pre-sale)
  • Payment Methods: ETH
  • Number of INNBC for Pre-Sale: 20,000,000
  • Number of INNBC for Sale: 30,000,000

INNBC Pricing

415 INNBC - 1ETH

Minimum purchase - 10 INNBC Tokens.

During Token sale, we will offer the following discounts

  • 20% discount for pre-sale (498 INNBC per 1ETH)
  • 10% discount for the successive sale (456 INNBC per 1ETH)

Fund Distribution

  • App tech development: 15%
  • App maintenance: 5%
  • Ecosystem development: 20%
  • JDM car stock: 10%
  • AIDS cure research: 50%






ETH: 0xD8f5063B05f9C2A30F7a8948Db4147dd0Fe961b5