Gastery, Offering Innovative Solutions for Restaurant, Hotel, and Catering Businesses

Today’s fast moving world does not have time to deal with the sluggish approach of restaurants, hotels, and catering services. The consumers seek fast service because every minute is valuable and can be invested in something productive. While the hotels and restaurants do not realize it now, many people are already tired of dealing with the service providers. Therefore Gastery has come out as a one-stop solution. This is a blockchain powered platform. It introduced a solution to speed up the service delivery in the catering, restaurant, and hotels and enhance the revenue generated by these businesses. This platform seems pretty promising and therefore you must check some necessary details about the Gastery before investing in its WTR tokens.

The main objective:

This platform was created to automate the way restaurants and hospitality services communicate with their prospects and visitors. The blockchain technology, QR codes, and smart contracts are used to make Gastery’s vision a reality. The solution is designed to deal with some major issues faced by today’s restaurants and hotels. It will work as a destination where the customers and the service providers can interact directly.

Every customer, who is seeking a good restaurant to have the lunch or the dinner, will get a smartphone app to find it. The Gastery will offer a digital menu in which the users can search for their favorite meals and then a great restaurant to have that meal. This platform will offer the ratings and reviews to help the users in picking the best restaurant. To save time the customer can use his smartphone app to place an order and pay the bill by using cryptocurrency. Every time a user places an order for a meal via Gastery, he will get 1% cash back on the total bill. All the users need to do is pay the bill by using the cryptocurrency and they can get incentives.

How does it work?

Gastery is particularly beneficial for the restaurants. Every restaurant in the town can use this platform to observe the preferences and behaviors of the customers. It will help the restaurant owners in planning better advertising campaigns to lure more customers. Any restaurant registered on this platform does not need to worry about the customer service. The Gastery app is capable of entertaining your customers and therefore as a restaurant business owner, you can save a lot of time and focus on serving the customers in a better way.

This platform is using the artificial intelligence technology to recommend customers the best restaurants according to their preferences. It means, every time a customer searches for a new restaurant, this platform will analyze that particular customer’s choices and then present a list of restaurants from where he or she can order the food.

Should you invest in the Gastery?

Gastery is planning to grab a huge number of customers who love to have quality meal. There are millions of restaurants across the globe. Many of them are trying to present their quality and performance so that they can lure customers. The Gastery is offering them a great opportunity and therefore it is a beneficial platform to make an investment.