Exchain Proposes A Smart Contract Enabled System For Ad Spends

In the world of digital advertising, Exchange proposes a unique blockchain based ecosystem. It would be a platform that would work on the principles of blockchain technology and would work in a decentralized manner. It would help create a different approach to digital advertising. The platform would provide the full transparency that would be beneficial in measuring milestones such as impression volumes, and spend which are part of any ad chain. With the decentralized forum and blockchain transaction record generation mechanism, every step of an ad spends and realization process would be documented.

Features that Exchain offers

There would be several beneficial aspects that this platform would offer such as:

●      Exchain would offer transparency in the ad spends as well as impression volumes that are generated at every stage of an ad chain.

●      The decentralized way transaction records are generated by the blockchain technology would also enable records to be generated for every step and allowing effects to be realized.

●      The formation of smart contracts by digital means will allow real-time and fast payment processing to be done.

●      The platform would have an open and accessible design feature that would enable all stakeholders in the advertising channels to gain or see the benefits.

●      Stakeholders can associate their existing web models with this system and need not make modifications to the system.

This system would help ad spends to be verified and made transparent. There would be full coverage possible for an ad life cycle to be created and maintained through this framework. The logs of the smart contracts formed would help realize the effects of the costs incurred across the life cycle of an ad. The impressions of ads would be captured flawlessly by the system. There would be proof of spending as well as evidence of impressions gathered easily and accurately by such a system.

Team behind Exchain

The management team of the company comprises of Zheng Zhang, who is CEO and cofounder along with Vladyslav Kushka who is cofounder and CTO of the company. They are aided by other individuals in different roles who are working to make the business model as per the intended functionalities. More details about the management team of the company can be found on the official website.


Viability of Exchain

Exchain proposes to add value to the world of ad spends by helping advertisers increase their ROI. Advertisers would see more users acquired through targeted and effective ads that would lead to greater realizing of the costs they spend on. Advertisers would be able to reach targeted audience more easily through this platform. With fewer fees to spend the publishers of ads on this framework would raise more revenue. The campaigns that would be executed on this platform can be easily tracked and valuations done more effectively. For such reasons, interested investors would find this business model a viable one to invest in. This platform would be of particular interest to marketers and business owners.

Token details


ICO PRICE: $0.025

PRIVAT-SALE – 02.04.2018 to 29.04.2018

PRE-SALE – 07.04.2018 to 27.05.2018

SALE – 11.06.2018 to 24.06.2018

HARD CAP - 25,000,000 USD



Website: https://exchain.co/

Whitepaper: https://exchain.docsend.com/view/xp2pbn4

Telegram: https://t.me/Exchain_Official