Dropil: Playing with Bots and Algorithm in Investment Trading

With the motto of simplifying cryptocurrency trading, Dropil has emerged as a firm that promises to rescue inexperienced investors from the jeopardy of various investments options. This is also projected to help the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in the long run since the ease of investment provided by Dropil will most likely swap in the investors in its loop who generally shy away from digital currency.

About The History and Inception of Dropil

Formed on the ideology of requiring nugatory input from traders, Dropil has engineered a platform that can maximize profits while minimizing the risk factors and losses in cryptocurrency trading. It plans to do so by deploying three massive systems on board- DEX, the autonomous bot, a portfolio managing algorithm and the Drop Tokens which will render complete anonymity to the traders while trading.

Dropil’s ICO sale began in January 2018 and went live in February 2018. The sale is stipulated to end in March 2018 when the Bot “Dex” is planned to go live on multiple exchange platforms. Cashing out on investments to USD would be done in the month of April 2018 and it is expected that Dropil will extend its reach to mobile wallets, android apps and app store etc.


Features Offered on the platform

Dropil boasts a number of features on its platform which make the process of investment easier and merrier than ever before.

Hassle free investment- With the innovative technology that Dropil deploys, the process of investment is bound to turn much more stress-free. Dropil wants to bid adieu to the days where the investors needed to sit at one place, cringing at every fluctuation in the rates of cryptocurrencies. In its own words, Dropil wants to make their user sit back and do all the tough and dirty job without any interference of human-induced error or emotion.

Artificial intelligence backed by Human intelligence- It’s not just their intelligent bot Dex that Dropil’s team want to rave about. It is also that tint of human intelligence that continuously backs up their artificial intelligence which makes it worthwhile. So all its machine Learning is monitored by human insights in the hindsight.

No Withdrawal lock- Dropil believes in freedom and they allow people to be the ultimate decision-makers on whether or not to continue investing. Users can choose the time of withdrawal whenever they want.

Automatic strategy deployment- Thanks to their in-house bot Dex and various algorithms, Dropil strives to ensure that there is automatic swapping of logic so that the best strategy is always put up on the frontlines.

DEX: A smart autonomous bot

Exclusively developed for Dropil ecosystem, Dex is a series of AI bots which are developed to throw in maximum efficiency in the management of cryptocurrency projects without human intervention. Dex has the facility to support various run modes that are based on umpteen numbers of logics, specially optimized for specific tasks.

All the individual strategies cringe in exactly the same way a human mind does when a change in the market occurs. It immediately changes to next set of strategies, based on current trend and calculated upon the most efficient risk driver based analysis.