DataBroker DAO To Offer Blockchain Based Platform For Sensor Data Purchases

DataBroker DAO is formed as a marketplace for selling and buying of sensor data. This blockchain based marketplace is formed for IoT sensor based data. Here blockchain technology will enable sensor owners to generate revenue from the data that is generated. This is much in demand for many industries which will open up several opportunities for them. Data usage will also become effective in more ways. Sensor data comes of use for several companies who need to monitor as well as optimize their operations. DataBroker would drive the evolution towards smart living that is being adopted by many cities and organizations.

Companies, governments, researchers and individuals spend a lot of money every year in maintaining and buying IoT sensors. Since investment in IoT applications have been growing, the data that is captured by such devices needs to flow and be more accessible to gateway operators like networks and telecom companies. That is what this platform seeks to facilitate.

Features of DataBroker DAO

This platform has been formed with the following features and functionalities:

  • This platform would work through smart contracts formed based on Ethereum blockchain technology.
  • It would help unlock value of IoT sensor data collected in different platforms. Such data would be put up for sale and buyers would be able to purchase and discover as well as access the data using DTX tokens of the system.
  • The gateway operators would be able to run Ethereum enabled main net blockchain nodes on the platform and based on an open source dAPI on the platform.
  • Data that is generated by client software and sensors would be sent across to the respective dAPIs. Here the purchase requests are checked and access is provided to the buyer or the data is sent to the buyer location specifically.
  • The platform would have gateway operators set up already for gathering data as per client requests. Hence routing the data streams to internet locations would be straightforward.
  • Gateway operators would be given DTX tokens as per a certain percentage of the transactions they perform.
  • The platform would be able to support gateway operators across the world and that makes it a global marketplace for sensor data.

The Beta version of DataBroker platform is already functioning for which those who are interested in selling and buying of IoT data can check out how the gateway operator nodes work and how they can be set up or purchase rights to data taken up on the platform.


Team working behind DataBroker

The team comprises of Matthew van Niekerk, who is CEO and cofounder of the platform. He has experience of having founded two companies in Japan and being an MBA, he also has work experience of having headed a consumer finance company’s project on crowd funding and brokerage services. He is aided by Roderik Van Der Veer, who is CTO and cofounder of the platform, having work experience in running eCommerce projects in Belgium. He has worked with several IT companies and helped a Marcom agency become a digital powerhouse as CTO. The team has Frank Van Geertruyden as Marcom director who has about 20 years of experience in automotive, FMCG sectors in domains like publishing, sales and advertising. Others who form the core team are Els Meyvaert who works as project manager, having work experience in several financial institutions. There are several others who work in different roles such as solution analyst, blockchain developer and architect, management assistant, investment advisor and so forth.

Lucrative aspects of this project

Sensor owners would be able to monetize data and be able to get greater returns on their investments in IoT sensors. The same works for network operators, as well as for sensor manufacturers who can ensure that SaaS offerings are profitable through the selling of sensor data. The need for sensor data would be several among smart city projects, in academics and research departments and so forth. Hence, this platform offers a unique business model and the blockchain based technology would help build a transparent and secure marketplace for transactions to take place in sensor data. For such features this platform would be a lucrative venture for sensor data owners as well as for investors.

Token Distribution

  • Platform: 10.0%
  • Early supporters: 6.5%
  • Lock-up: 30.0%
  • Sale: 48.0%
  • Bounty: 0.5%
  • Team incentives: 5.0%

DTX Token Sale


Start:  April 26th, 2018 4PM CET                      End:    May 26th, 2018 4PM CET

Rate:  1ETH = 4000 DTX                                Bonus: Day 1: 10% bonus


Start:  May 30th, 2018                                    Exchanges:    - CoinFalcon