Automatic Mining Of Cryptocurrency Is Very Simple On The HeliosCoin Platform

The HeliosCoin is the right platform that takes away all the risks posed by the traditional mining process. This system is very flexible and makes use of mining through the blockchain technology. On top of that, HeliosCoin also uses renewable energy sources to carry out autonomous mining. By using this decentralized platform, you can mine cryptocurrencies without needing to worry about fee structures, government policies, and the energy consumption. It works on the Ethereum based token system that ensures that the user gets 100% revenue out of the mining. They will be paid 75% of their revenue immediately and the remaining 25% will be invested to offer increased future payouts.

Key features of HeliosCoin

The HeliosCoin is an innovation in the field of cryptocurrency mining. It is a platform that can be used to easily get the necessary recognition that cryptocurrencies need. It offers a decentralized platform for mining that will reduce the need to depend on the government laws, fossil fuels, and also the powerful players in the field. Every individual will get a level playing field to mine cryptos. This platform reduces the risks involved in getting tied up to certain mining pools or certain coins. There is no need for any individual to invest a lot of money in the technology and the infrastructure to start the crypto-mining. The individuals are the ones who are given ownership of their mining operations and the crypto-community will be taking the mining decisions as a whole. The use of decentralized autonomous solar mining modules makes it a complete autonomous mining with very minimal maintenance requirement. The cost of electricity is mostly avoided thanks to renewable energy mining modules.

The team behind HeliosCoin

Artem Negroenko is the co-founder and CEO of HeliosCoin. This man has plenty of experience in mining and investment fields. He was the Director General of Arena Invest Ltd in Moscow for 2 years and was also is the Director General of SpetsTransServie Limited. He is an expert when it comes to supply chain and logistics.

The co-founder and the CFO of HeliosCoin is Stanislav Kharianov. He is a mining enthusiast and is from Moscow in Russia. Stanislav is the former owner and shareholder at the S.E. Lucky Coins Ltd. He is also the CEO and founder of Smoke Exclusive, which is a hookah shop.

Larry Cameron is the security and the mining advisor of HeliosCoin. He is a business management student of the NSCC Kingston Campus and also has done Computer Systems Management and Support at NSCC. The other courses that he studied are Systems Management and Networking and Internet Systems Management and Support at NSCC. He has also worked in a lot of multinational and business companies.

The other popular members in the HeliosCoin field include Elvira Nazipova (marketing and PR advisor), Sam Bzezz (tech guy and miner), and Alex Dorman (software and smart contract developer).

Is it worthy to invest in HeliosCoin ICO?

The main attractive feature of HeliosCoin is the special algorithm program that will carry out automatic mining for the user and switch the processes to make it a profitable venture. It will switch the mining to more profitable coin automatically and thereby you end up with more profits. The solar mining cluster is all ready a working cluster that will generate quick income for the investors.

Total amount of tokens:           5 million tokens (Unallocated tokens will not be created)

Token price at the release:    0.001 ETH

Token Distribution:

Bounty program - 3% of distributed tokens

Team of founders -10% to the team of founders

Reserve - 5% reserve buyback fund

Contributors - 82% of the issued token


Official website:         

Accepting:                           BTC, BTH, BTG,LTC,ETH, WIRE TRANSFER

PRE-ICO Start date:              May 1st 2018

PRE-ICO Expiry date:            June 1st 2018

ICO Start date:                     July 1st 2018

ICO Expiry date:                   October 1st 2018



Private sale:                        April 18th 2018 to April 30th 2018, Bonus 20%

PRE-ICO:                      May 1st 2018 to June 1st, Bonus 20%

ICO:                             July 1st 2018 to July 8th 2018, Bonus 20%

July 9th 2018 to July 16th 2018, Bonus 15%

July 17th 2018 to October 1st 2018, Bonus 10%


The end date of token distribution is October 1st 2018., 12:00 GMT


  • 91% — investments in Autonomous clusters of Solar Mining Clusters
  • 9% — for research, development and administration




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