Attrace, a Unique Blockchain-Powered Affiliate Marketing Platform

Many people are earning a lot of money just by endorsing products of their clients. Publishers, who have a huge number of followers on different online platforms, put client’s products in front of the followers and provides prospects to the clients. They publish specialized links that lead readers directly to the website of the client. Suppose any prospect buys a product by using the affiliate marketer’s link, the publisher receives some commission for endorsing that product.

It sounds pretty attractive field, but the affiliate marketers are not happy with the share they get. The lack of trust between the affiliate network companies and publishers is a big issue. The affiliate marketing service providers take about 25% of what the merchants pay. In addition, the affiliate network agencies also control the information created for the campaign. This information can easily get manipulated, forged, or abused. The lack of transparency can cause a huge loss to the affiliate marketers because the affiliate network companies may lie about the number of products sold. Attrace is a new blockchain based startup that is going to revamp the flaws of affiliate marketing and make it more beneficial for the publishers.

How does Attrace work?

Other blockchain powered platforms are also offering new solutions for affiliate marketers, but Attrace is completely different and unique. It is a new blockchain created specifically for affiliate marketing. The developers have created it from scratch to make it unique and more effective. This platform is using smart contract in a way that every sale, every click, and no sale will be registered. It is a completely unique feature that only this platform is offering now.

While other platforms mainly focus on the sales, Attrace is introduced to make the whole affiliate marketing procedure transparent. Thus, every marketer will be able to track his performance. Whenever a customer will click on the affiliate link, a unique ID will be produced and therefore it will not be possible to forge the marketing information. Every affiliate marketer will know the activities taking place during the campaign. It will build a better relationship between the marketer and merchants.

Instant payment with each sale:

The affiliate network companies take a long time to pay for the sales generated by affiliate marketers. Attrace is going to offer instant payments whenever the customers will buy products from the affiliate links. It depends on the participants on this platform that which currency they prefer to receive the payment. They can get the payment in fiat currency or ask for the ATTR coins. So, if you are using the blockchain first time, you will face no troubles in receiving your money and understanding how the cryptocurrency works. There will be no need to find a crypto exchange for exchanging tokens and that’s what makes Attrace more beneficial.

Final thoughts:

Attrace is a user-friendly affiliate marketing platform that will eliminate third parties and provide the maximum share of the profit to the affiliate marketers. A lot of people would like to join this platform in the future and therefore the demands for the ATTR tokens can rise very fast.