Aqua Brings Different Advanced Blockchain Systems To The Hospitality Sector

Aqua is developed as a platform that can disrupt the hospitality segment, especially in the way it is run in present terms. The hospitality industry contains data that is inaccurate and segmented which is because of isolated software systems that are used which are not backed by intelligent data gathering and analytics. Aqua is based on trusted data profiling. It can help improve operational efficiencies and to make offerings to customers more personalized. The platform also incorporates machine learning which can help improve marketing campaigns for the hospitality industry.

Features of Aqua

This platform has several features and benefits to offer such as:

  • Aqua has features that customers can use to validate data related to this industry.
  • They can participate in the different data capturing initiatives and be paid for loyalty through Aqua tokens.
  • There are different data sources on this platform such as AQUA PMS, AQUA Mobile, AQUA RMS and others.
  • Aqua uses AI to build comprehensive profiles on the platform; these are validated by consumers who are paid for by AQX tokens.
  • The platform features a loyalty point program interface. This acts as a loyalty program that can be used by hospitality, travel, airlines and retail businesses.
  • AQX tokens can also convert into loyalty points for partners of the platform.
  • IOT is a feature that is also offered which can be linked to hotels and used for providing a luxury aspect for hotel guests.

Aqua offers SaaS products which hospitality services can take up to integrate with hotel operations such as A/V entertainment, wireless door lock, lighting and others. There is also a reservation service interface which can connect to reservation services of transportation, hotel and restaurant systems.

Team behind Aqua

Anthony Gelman is CEO and Founder of Aqua which is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has several years of work experience in the hospitality segment and has graduated from the University of Nevada.

Rick Hilton acts as advisor to this platform. He has been chairman at Hilton and Hyland that is a leading luxury real estate brokerage. Having worked over three decades, he brings considerable expertise to this segment.

Harsha Cuttari acts as CTO of this platform, looking into the technical strategy development of the platform. He is also known to have worked in the capacity of ICO advisor, software developer and entrepreneur. He has graduated from the University of Maryland. Others include Tony Lau, who brings his expertise as an investment banker to this platform and several others.

Should you invest in Aqua?

For any company in the hospitality sector Aqua has several features to offer. From customized recommendations as per customer segments to property management, data capturing and operational management systems, this platform offers features that are backed by IOT and AI data. The systems are ready for the next gen hospitality systems and can provide predictive analytics, which can help players in the hospitality sector improve their offerings and move with the times. With an active loyalty point program the platform ensures active participation of end customers and other parts of the community.

The sliding scale bonus is specified as follows for Pre Sale:

  • 15% Bonus until May 11th
  • 12% Bonus until May 25th
  • 9% Bonus until June 15th
  • 6% Bonus until June 30th
  • 3% Bonus until July 30th
  • 0% Bonus until September 30th
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 AQX
  • Circulating Supply: 250,000,000 AQX
  • Hard Cap: USD $50,000,000