Able Developed To Overcome Decentralized Technology

Earlier, banks have business models in which the banks act as an intermediary between borrowers and investors and with this the bank receives interest at low rates and lending money at high rates which create a difference in profits.  So now the ABLE project has designed to overcome this profit.

Its aim is to overcome the decentralized blockchain technology. Now a matching engine is there which connects investors and borrowers peer to peer which mean the investors and borrowers are directly connected without any intermediaries and with this cryptocurrency interest rate can be determined easily by mutual agreements between the users in a free market and said rates. Now, investors receive high interests and borrowers can lend money at lower rates, which is a win-win scenario. The ABLE project is directly linked to the user’s account and enables financial activities like payroll and investment based on the smart contacts.

The features of ABLE Project are

  1. Its purpose is to apply decentralized blockchain technology to financial and wealth management services.
  2. Directly link demand and supply through an account on peer to peer basis and provide a reliable system.
  3. To build an in-house system and then to develop a system and to evolve smart contract systems.
  4. This project offers account-based finance experience which encompasses loan, payroll, and investment.
  5. Personal labor also gets the payment according to work and perform and then pay yearly weekly or monthly basis.
  6. The user can also take a credit loan based on existing smart contacts for salary payment and can use the credit-score data within the account.
  7. Also, Files and personal data can be stored in the ABLE account by the method of encryption so that users can invest in ICO.

The team behind ABLE Project

M.S KIM is the current CEO of the ABLE project and acting as an experienced specialist in analysis and investments in the blockchain business. K.S KIM is the CTO and currently responsible for the structure and PM of the blockchain structure in the Able-project. W.H Lee is the current CSO of the ABLE project and the director of the Korea Foundation Global Values Foundation and Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of Sejongno National Forum. S.M Oh is the CMO with the fluency of languages like English, Chinese, and Japanese. I.S KIM is the blockchain developer of the ABLE project. S.B Gu is the UI / UX designer focusing on the smooth interaction between users and products by intercepting new interaction, considering the users’ convenience. D.P Lim mainly staged in alternative investments and stocks for public subscription, including many other asset management experiences.


In 2018 the first step is Q1, which is Pre-Sale and then Q2 is ICO then Q3 is exchanging list and Q4 is an Investment-Loan P2P change. By 2019 Q1 is Finance Platform Service, Q2 is an ABLE Mainnet Development, Q3 is ABLE to Finance Ecosystem, Q4 is ABLE Testnet Launch and by 2020 will have Finance Platform Service.

Token Terms

Initial issuance                           25,000,000,000 ABLE

Public Sales                               15,000,000,000 ABLE  60%

Reserved                                     3,750,000,000 ABLE  15%

Team Incentives                           2,500,000,000 ABLE  10%

Foundation                                 2,500,000,000 ABLE 10%

Martketing & Strategy Partners      1,250,000,000 ABLE 5%

Currency Accepted : ETH