Zodiaq Banking Block Chain Platform To Transform Financial Services

Zodiaq project is being based on a bank that is already operational. It has a license for opening accounts as well as conducting operations in fiat and crypto currencies. It hosts its own crypto exchange as well as the development stage for its hedge fund. PSD2 directives allow a bank to offer different services to customers through an integrated portal, but that makes banking institutions not open to third party services. However Zodiaq offers banking services and others through the block chain technology.

Features of Zodiaq

This platform offers several innovative financial services in the following ways:

  • Its goal is to implement a flexible platform which would be on the open API system.
  • It would act as a network for different fintech companies as well as allow clients of the Zodiaq bank to carry out routine transactions.
  • The platform is designed in accordance with existing regulations and will integrate block chain technology in accordance to legalities that bind financial services in the digital world.
  • Zodiaq plans to be a financial platform that would provide most services that classic bank portals do.
  • It would act as a base for different fintech companies in the future who can avail of the services and infrastructure of the platform to offer different services involving both fit as well as crypto currencies.
  • Zodiaq system is being designed to offer different kinds of financial services, formation of foreign exchange reserves, clearing and settlement services.
  • Instant cash settlements can be made based on the platform currency ZOD.
  • Individual customers as well as companies can transact in goods through this platform with the currency ZOD as well as use the different financial instruments provided to offset mutual requirements and settle obligations between each other.

The above points showcase what Zodiaq would be in its full potential. As the technology gains robustness and demand for the internal crypto currency increases, the latter are value will rise as well.

Team members of Zodiaq

This platform is being run by Oliver Kempkens who is CEO of the platform. He has considerable expertise in consulting, fintech and financial solutions including currency and stock market. He is aided by Aleksandr Gorbov who is CVO and co-founder, being a specialist in finance and economics domain. Payel Dmitriev is CMO and co-founder who works as a marketing director and supervises the marketing work requirements. Erik Shekhmametev is COO and co-founder who look into legal matters. There are several other professionals on the team who look into diverse functions such as technology and strategies for different domains.

Lucrative aspects of Zodiaq

This particular block chain based platform envisions a banking platform that would provide financial services through smart contracts. There would be a portal interface to allow standard banking transactions to be done as well as a robust technology that would allow different financial companies to use its different services and offer the same to their clients. That stands for a lucrative business platform that is bound to see more value added for its ZOD currency as the need for its services increase.

1 ZOD = 0.1 USD

PRE-ICO HARD CAP = 5,743,000 USD

ACCEPTED CURRENCY – Bitcoin and Ethereum

Round Cost Of Token In USD Date Of Performance Hard Cap
I Pre-ICO 0.1 USD 21.05.18-1.06.18 5,743,000 USD
II Bank 0.2 USD 08.07.18-07-08-18 24,535,000 USD
III Exchange 0.75 USD 04.11.2018-03.12.2018 23,901,000 USD
IV Payment System 1.5 USD 03.02.2019-02.03.2019 14,540,000 USD
V Hedge Fund 2.0 USD 02.06.2019-01.07-2019 36,000,000 USD


Distribution Of Tokens

  • 80% – public offer
  • 10% – founders and team
  • 5% – partners and consultants
  • 3% bounty
  • 2% referral program


Website: https://www.zodiaq.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/zodiaq_group

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