ZNAQ Offers Crypto Currency Investments On An Innovative Platform

With the market of cryptocurrencies growing daily, there are about 1300 and more kinds of crypto currencies that one can invest in today’s market. There is a struggle for information about the lucrativeness and valuation of these different crypto currencies and that is what ZNAQ aims to solve. It offers a solution to invest in the existing market of crypto currencies, allowing investors to diversify their holdings.

Features of ZNAQ

This platform offers the following features:

  • It comprises of the ZNAQ index in which one can invest in through token purchase in the system. The price of the token or the index varies daily, based on the average market capitalization price which is reflective of the market changes.
  • ZNAQ token is the smart currency of the platform for transactions which also acts as a tool. The price of the token equals the index value at any point in time.
  • For users who log onto the platform, they will get to invest in a virtual asset that is progressive; its value rises with the growth in the crypto currency market; with the reliable index and other features of the platform, users need not research about the right investments; they can stay invested and enjoy the benefits.
  • The ZNAQ exchange is a platform where trading of ZNAQ tokens is enabled. Transactions are executed here where the transaction price is set by the index.
  • ZNAQ also offers an innovative feature called ZNAQ CRYPTEX. This helps users to benefit from the market dynamics. It allows trading in pairs of different crypto currencies and other trading products that are offered on the platform.
  • ZNAQ Analytics offers analytical tools that comprise of reports, forecasts, technical analyses and community discussion forums.

Team behind ZNAQ

CEO of the organization is Oleksiy Imas. He has not only helped form the ZNAQ global foundation, but also has work experience as an investment as well as government advisors. He has also worked as an agri expert in Ukraine. He has graduated from the London School of Economics.

Vladimir Makarov is CFO of the organization. He has worked in the crypto industry, having helped to develop related trading and evaluation tools. He also has work experience in financial analyses.

Maxim Lukyanenko is CBO who has also worked for Criterium as a business strategist. He looks into the development of business strategy and financial resources for the company.

Roadmap of ZNAQ

The concept of the platform was formed in June 2017; legal and financial procedures were finalized in the subsequent months as well as the initial investment rounds held in August 2017. Technical development for the platform was done in the last quarter of 2018. The beta form of ZNAQ exchange was also launched towards the end of 2017. Presale of the tokens and launch of Cryptex in beta version to take place by June 2018. The exchange will then be launched along with the mobile app by the end of 2018.


Start date: May 14, 2018 (10:00, UTC)

End date: June 14, 2018 (23:59, UTC)

Currency accepted: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH

Token exchange rate = ZNAQ Index value

Limits of tokens per person: unlimited

Minimum transaction amount: no

Maximum transaction amount: no


Start date: June 15, 2018 (10:00, UTC)

End date: July 15, 2018 (23:59, UTC)

Currency accepted: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH

Token exchange rate = ZNAQ Index value

Limits of tokens per person: unlimited

Soft Cap: 525 000 ZNAQ Tokens

Hard Cap: 20 000 000 ZNAQ Tokens

Minimum transaction amount: no

Maximum transaction amount: no


6% Operational costs

8% Office expenses

20% ZNAQ Exchange & UTS

11% Marketing

6% Legal

9% Development of new Indices

19% ZNAQ Cryptex

21% ZNAQ Analytics


60% Token Sale

15% Team

10% Company

10% Marketing

5% Bounty



Website: https://znaq.org/

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/sfg28ar

Telegram: https://t.me/znaqsupport