Zealeum, Aimed to Maintain a Digital Health and Wellness Profile of People Across the Globe

A number of new ideas have been introduced since the introduction of blockchain technology. The blockchain is considered as the best solution for numerous issues faced by all kinds of organizations across the globe. Zeleam is also one of those futuristic blockchain based solutions that will revolutionize the health and wellness sector. It is a blockchain technology-based community platform that will allow the health enthusiasts to create a digital profile. This digital profile will comprise metadata and information that will create the whole image of the user by considering his health, identity, and fitness profile.

This platform will be powered by a new cryptocurrency, known as the Zeal Token. This platform will form a comprehensive chain of individuals and produce a vital asset, known as user data. Every user will be a part of a vast global ecosystem.

Who will benefit from Zealeum?

To summarize it in a few words, health care providers, insurance companies, fitness trainers, doctors, nutritionists, and individual users will also benefit from Zealeum platform. Let’s find out in detail who will benefit and how.

Individual users:

  • If you are monitoring your health-related details to track chronic illness, Zeleaum is good for you.
  • People who have certain health and fitness objectives.
  • It will help you in preparing the best diet and documenting it.
  • Health enthusiasts, who want to take the full control of their health and fitness.


  • Every fitness trainer wants to prove that he has the best package for his client. Now he can do it easily without wasting time because Zealeum will provide the fitness and wellness profile of every client according to which the fitness trainers can prepare the best training packages.
  • The nutritionists will know what their clients are looking for and therefore they can offer the best nutrition plans for weight gain, weight loss, and also for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The doctors will check the Zealeum profile and offer the best treatment by considering what the patients need.
  • Every individual has a different demand for which he or she meets the life coaches. The prebuilt fitness profiles of individual users will help the life coaches in planning a better program for their clients.

Health and fitness related business organizations:

  • The gyms and fitness centers can provide their clients with Zeal Tokens in return for paying a visit and doing hard work.
  • The therapists and martial arts training centers can also provide their customers with zeal tokens to share their fitness details and other data.
  • The insurance companies will know the medical records of every customer and therefore they can offer a better insurance plan.

Is Zealeum a practical solution?

Every new idea seems great on the paper. Zealeum also seems like a great opportunity for the health and wellness sector to grab more clients. If every client will own a digital profile about his health and fitness, different health and fitness agencies can offer more personalized services. Though every individual may not agree to share his or her health-related information, Zealeum has a long way to do what it is aimed to do.

Website: https://www.zealeum.life/

Whitepaper: https://zealeum.life/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/zealeaum_white_paper_mar1318-1.pdf


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